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Broadcast Support: Streaming Seminar

events & workshops · broadcast support · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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Please join Fringe sponsor Broadcast Support for a demonstration of the latest technology in live event streaming. An informative workshop/seminar/performance which will be streamed online from Fringe Central Station, this program seeks to inform today’s producers about the simplified, cost-effective tools available in Los Angeles and beyond to bring your work to a larger audience online.

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Have you ever lived with someone and it didn't work out? Like a manic, time-jumping fever dream- Bobbie and August recreate all of their highs and lows of their relationship. Only, they have differing memories and perceptions of the events.

The Institute for Opposite of Longing

The Institute for The Opposite of Longing can cure that thing deep in the pit of your body. But what happens when its owners can’t let go of the little boy they had to give back? Please enter the Opposite of Longing Chamber. We can help you.