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LOS ANGELES, CA, May 2015: SP!T makes it Hollywood Fringe debut with Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It, an ensemble Play written by Alex Alpharaoh in contemporary vernacular using an iambic pentameter and free verse structure. Directed by Elisa Noemí, through a series of vignettes, the ensemble breaks away from their scenes to SP!T soliloquies of social importance such as abortion, AIDS, domestic violence, police brutality, poverty, homelessness, discrimination, eating disorders, and much more. combining acting, singing, and dance, SP!T takes the audience on an evening of joy, anger, and everything in between. Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It begins its run on Sunday, June 7th – Thursday June 25th at Studio/Stage in Hollywood.

ABOUT SP!T – “SP!T” was originally conceived as a singular night of showcasing various performing artists under one roof. The showcase was originally directed by Amery Thao of Urban Theatre Movement in the early fall of 2010. “SP!T !!” followed the same formula of bringing a variety of artists for one night of artistic collaboration which was co-directed by Amery Thao and Kasi Teyana. Alex Alpharaoh performed in both SP!T shows. In the Spring of 2011, Alex Alpharaoh became the writer and creative mind behind SP!T, renaming and re-imagining the show to “SP!T: Spoken Word Series” as opposed to continuing SP!T with numbers behind after the titles and instead focusing on specific themes and incorporating more elements of the stage.

Since then, Alpharaoh has written for and directed 8 different themed SP!T shows including a Tribute to Miguel Piñero that featured the acting talents of John Ortiz (Silver Linings Playbook), Elizabeth Rodriguez (Orange Is The New Black), Geoffrey Rivas (Blood In, Blood Out), Sal Lopez (American Me), Mark Rolston (The Shawshank Redemption), and Jason Olazabal (Dexter) which was performed in the winter of 2011 at The Los Angeles Theatre Center and was produced by Urban Theatre Movement and The Latino Theatre Company.

The idea to fuse together elements of Spoken Word with Acting and Theatrics came to Alpharaoh after collaborating with Elisa Noemí in 2012’s SP!T: A Tribute to Tupac Shakur. the idea of blending acting with spoken word is not new, it’s been done. From Shakespeare and before to slam poetry and Hip-hop theatre by originators of the genre such as Danny Hoch. What hasn’t been done is the telling of these stories. These stories are rooted in the collective experiences of Alpharaoh or those he knows. These stories serve as a platform for awareness about issues that are often times too easily ignored. Because if it’s not happening to us, then it’s not really happening, right?

For more information on SP!T and upcoming shows, stay in touch with SP!T Spoken Word Theatre on social media: “Like” on Facebook; follow on Twitter @spitaboutit

ABOUT THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL – The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual, open-access, community-derived event celebrating freedom of expression and collaboration in the performing arts community. Each June during the Hollywood Fringe, the arts infiltrate the Hollywood neighborhood: fully equipped theaters, parks, clubs, churches, restaurants and other unexpected places host hundreds of productions by local, national, and international arts companies and independent performers.

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WHAT: Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It at the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival

WHEN: Sunday, June 7th @ 4:30pm
Thursday, June 11th @ 7:00pm
Saturday, June 13th @ 4:30pm
Thursday, June 18th @ 7:00pm
Saturday, June 20th @ 4:30pm
Thursday, June 25th @ 7:00pm
Added Performance:
Sunday, June 28th @ 4:00pm

The show runs 70 minutes with no intermission.

WHERE: Studio/Stage, 520 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004

TICKETS: $10 – $13 or dial 714.458.0697 or 310.483.5472 for reservation or purchase at the door.

PRESS CONTACT: Alex Alpharaoh, 714.458.0697, [email protected]
2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival at