MAY 2023

Find Your Audience! Guest article by HFF partner Nohoartsdistrict.com

So you have put in a huge amount of work to create your masterpiece play.  Now comes part two – creating a marketing plan that will get an audience to your show.  Many of you are gifted, talented writers/directors/actors with limited time to devote to the marketing of your production. 

Nohoartsdistrict.com has been marketing Los Angeles theatre for 20 years and has been the media sponsor for the Hollywood Fringe for 13 years.  Hollywood Fringe has asked us to provide a few marketing tips that may help you!

You are looking for like-minded folks to share your show page on the Fringe site and spread the word with positive reviews.

Let’s start with like-minded folks. Perhaps the topic of your play could bring you a specific audience.  If your play is about a celebrity like Marilyn Monroe, check out fan websites, blogs, and podcasts.  Also, check out Facebook groups, and search Marilyn Monroe hashtags on Instagram. 

Once you have done your research, make a list of your “prospects,” including contact info.  There is a high probability that the groups that you have researched will have an interest in your play.  Groups are always interested in sharing things of interest to their own membership. These groups can help you in many ways, such as placing your AD on their website or in their membership Enews.  Since you need to look at this as an exchange of services, what can you offer the group for their help in marketing your show?  Here are three things you can offer:

Provide the group with free tickets for a raffle for their members

Allow the group to distribute their organization materials at your play

Offer a free acting class on Zoom to their members

Your friends can also be your sales force.  Ask each friend to email 10 of the friends/family information on your play.  Give them a  “family/friend” ticket discount.  Provide friends and family with artwork for their social media platforms.  Ask your friends if they would let you do an Instagram takeover of their Instagram account

Lastly, printing can be expensive.  Ask your local printer for 500 postcards/flyers, and in exchange, the printer can put his/her name on the back of the postcard, “printing provided by AB Copy.”  Unless you have gotten free flyers/postcards, distribution is time-consuming and expensive.

Be sure to take advantage of Hollywood Fringe’s great workshops and networking events.  You will meet hundreds of show producers who have the same challenge that you have of getting an audience.  Do a cross-promotion with the other show producers.  Have them hand out your show postcards at their show, and you do the same. Sharing Fringe audiences works!

We hope the above items will increase your audience. However, if the above marketing items don’t work for you, nohoartsdistrict.com has created an affordable AD package for Hollywood Fringe producers.  We know money is tight, which is why we discounted the ad package NoHo Fringe AD Package. Check out pg 35 in the Participant Packet

NoHoArtsDistrict.com has been a valued partner and friend of The Hollywood Fringe Festival from the beginning. Their love for independent artists is genuine, and the dedication their team shows in supporting arts and culture in Los Angeles is unmatched. – Lois Neville, HFF Co-Executive Director