HFF's "Ask A Venue" Workshop Panel


JAN 2023

Ten Tips From Our Venues

During our 2023 “Ask A Venue” Workshop, panelists from each venue offered many insights on everything venue-related — from the application process to what will happen on the day of your show. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Find the venue that works best for you and makes sense for the specifics of your show.
  2. The Hollywood Fringe Festival is centered in community; get to know and support the other artists with shows performing in your venue. #HFFCommunity
  3. Communicate oddities about your show upfront to the venue. (Don’t keep secrets.)
  4. When you have a question the answer you’re looking for can almost always be found on the Hollywood Fringe’s website.
  5. The venue representatives have been doing this awhile, so check in with them when you need guidance or ideas. (They are happy to provide their thoughts on everything from how to stage a scene in their space to the best box office practices for your show.)
  6. Make sure there will be someone in the lobby of the venue during your performance so people don’t wander in and disrupt your show.
  7. Don’t book all your performances during “prime time” slots. At 8pm on a weekend you and many other shows will be competing for audience members. Whereas having morning, afternoon, and late night shows will increase the chances that avid festival goers, industry folks, and your fellow fringe participants will get the chance to see your show.
  8. During the turnover between shows, it is amazing how much can get done in a short amount of time if everyone knows exactly what they’re doing.
  9. Market each of your performances individually. (For example, if you have a show early on a Sunday morning then perhaps encourage your audience to get a group together for brunch prior to attending your show.)
  10. The more information you provide your venue, the more they can support you and your art.

You can watch the entire workshop here. And you can find all of the venues currently registered with Fringe here.