FEB 2022

Hollywood Fringe Brand Design Contest

The Guide Contest is back! We would like to invite our Fringe community to design the 2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival guide cover, which will be distributed throughout L.A. county. Submit your design ideas anytime between today, Monday, February 28th, and Thursday, March 3rd by 12:00 pm to be included in the qualifying round. To enter the contest visit our contest link.


The winner will receive $959 (approximately $550 after the commission taken by 99Designs). Additionally, the winner is eligible for an additional prize of $1,300 to pull elements from their winning guide design to create the 2022 T-shirt, iPhone app icon, and the official Fringe Button – the pin fringe-goers sport as they see shows around Hollywood. Participation is open to everyone. To get started, create a (free) account on 99Designs.com.


Curious what past branding has looked like? Check out our most recent printed guide & previous design winners! 


Digital file of our 2019 printed guide

2018 contest

2017 contest

2016 contest


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