FEB 2022

Apply to be a Scholarship Mentor during HFF22

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is accepting applications for Fringe Mentors to support its Fringe Scholarships program. Fringe Scholarships are available to first-time Hollywood Fringe producers who contribute to the ethnic, cultural, racial, intellectually or physically disabled, D/deaf, formerly incarcerated, and the LGBTQ+ diversity of the Fringe community.

As a Fringe Mentor, you will be paired with a scholarship recipient and will exist as their go-to Fringe friend & confidant. APPLY NOW!

Mentor criteria:
1) You must have completed at least one Hollywood Fringe Festival

2) You must be available for a check-in with your mentee every week (starting mid-March) in the weeks leading up to and during the Hollywood Fringe Festival (i.e. phone call, text or email)

3) You must be available for a one-hour pre & post festival meeting (can be in person, Skype, phone call, etc) with your mentee in the first 2 weeks of your partnership (March 15-March 30) and following the 2022 festival

4) You must also attend events with your mentee. The more help the better! We encourage you to attend as many Town Halls, Workshops & Office Hours as possible as well as any other Fringe Scholarship Specific events. No in-person meetings or events will be required. There are virtual options

All Fringe Mentors will receive digital ads to promote their own projects as well.

*Fringe Mentor Applications are due on Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 11:59 pm.