SEP 2021

Fringe Abroad presents DIRTY CHAI

Through an international exchange partnership with the Gothenburg Fringe Festival, we are proud to announce that Dirty Chai is the inaugural recipient of the Fringe Abroad Award. 

This new exchange program celebrates the art that connects us globally and the reach this new digital medium can provide our participants and audience.  

This year we welcomed a show from the Gothenburg Fringe program to our festival screens and they chose Dirty Chai from the Hollywood Fringe to join their festival’s Digital Day’s program, September 4-7. 

How to Watch

You can experience Dirty Chai digitally or in person this Sunday, September 5th, at 12 pm PT. 

If you are local to Hollywood, you can be a part of their in-person audience by purchasing tickets here.  

Or you can buy tickets to their livestream through The Gothenburg Fringe Festival’s Digital Days Program here

About Dirty Chai 

DIRTY CHAI, a hip hop Bollywood musical, is a colorful & crazy dramedy, full of heart!

Chai’s parents have promised her to a nice Indian boy, and the wedding is in ten days. With her back against the wall, not yet ready to give in to this assault on her freedoms, Chai leaves home but unexpectedly falls in love with a charming & mysterious stranger, making a powder keg out of an already complicated situation. Chai finds forbidden love with a fearless American girl, Ronnie, and is trapped between upholding her family’s traditions or following her heart, which goes against everything she’s been taught.

Chai is a messy concoction of two very different cultures, two conflicting identities, and two opposing desires, just like the dirty chai she orders each morning- a perfect brew of espresso and chai (tea). 

Filled with excitement and sarcasm, DIRTY CHAI challenges the walls of formality, fear, and judgment that separate people. Every cause has an effect in this intricately interwoven dramedy about human lives, embracing family, and the chaos of falling in love. 

The Gothenburg Fringe Festival

The Gothenburg Fringe Festival is an explosion of creativity. Cutting-edge performance art comes to life in unique and unexpected venues across the city. September will mark the festival’s sixth year presenting uncensored performance art that stimulates, educates, and entertains. Check out the Gothenburg Fringe’s Digital Day’s full program running September 4-7.