APR 2021

To Fringe, or not to Fringe. Here's what HFF21 looks like.

Welcome artists and storytellers: you have taken the first step into your Hollywood Fringe journey. As always, we will soon provide a detailed participant packet to all registered participants but we know you have a big decision to make before that step. 

Here are some key facts to help you decide to Fringe, or not to Fringe in 2021

This year’s festival is digitally-driven. At this time all participants must livestream without an in-person audience (with the exception of Registration Type 3: COVID-safe, socially distant outdoor theatre). 


  • Official Previews: August 5th-10th, 2021 
  • Opening Night Digital Event: August 11th, 2021
  • Festival run: August 12th-29th, 2021
  • Awards/Closing Night Digital Event: August 29th, 2021 


1. Livestream from an official HFF venue (in the Fringe Zone)- $175 

  • This registration type is for those booking a venue in the fringe zone. Venues currently registered under this category can be found here. 
  • In the event we are able to pivot to a hybrid, live-audience model, this is the only registration type where any indoor in-person audience will be allowed. 
  • You will work with your chosen venue to create your show schedule. 

2. Livestream from any other location (i.e., from home, a venue outside of the zone, etc.) – $225

  • You can participate in this registration type from anywhere in the world. 
  • You can book a venue to livestream outside of the Fringe Zone, livestream from your home, your backyard, or (with permitting/permission) any location you wish. The world is your stage here. 
  • You can book as many shows during the festival run as you wish, but we recommend that you consider your audience base and book as many shows as you think you can market. We strongly suggest between 3 and 6. 
  • This registration type is for livestream only. No in-person audience, even in the event HFF is able to safely pivot to a hybrid, live-audience festival model. 

3. COVID-safe, socially distant outdoor theatre- $275

** From window display theatre to outdoor COVID-safe immersive work, this category is for those looking to have an audience present in a site-specific outdoor setting. This registration type must take place in the Fringe zone and requires proper permitting and an approved safety plan (following city/county guidelines for COVID safety).

  • This registration type is designed for shows performing from a participant-led, location for their specific show, not an outdoor venue hosting multiple shows. 
  • If any outdoor theatres become available, they will be listed on our venue page and you will need to register with the first registration type “livestream from an official HFF venue.” 

4. Workshop/educational experience- $50 

  • These workshops must be live-streamed and can take place anytime between June 1st, 2021, and August 29th, 2021.
  • To schedule a workshop outside of the official festival window email [email protected] after registration.   

You will find a step-by-step guide through the registration process here


We are diving into the digital deep end, friends. We know that livestream can be a tricky element. Just like everything with live theatre, things can go wrong, and they very well might. But there is no better community to take this risk alongside, and by livestreaming, we will be able to keep the live energy we all love about theatre. 

HFF will make ticketing easy for you, as long as you have uploaded your streaming link to your page, we will make sure your audience has it in their inbox. 

When your ticket holder clicks the link, they will be taken to a digital Fringe landing page on their way to your show. This will unify the festival and allow your audience to also feel a part of this grand community

We will have tons of networking, educational and promotional events that you can take advantage of as a HFF participant starting NOW. We will also have a digital Fringe Central to make it easy to gather with your fellow fringers and your audience during the festival.   

Check out the full list of 2021 Hollywood Fringe Events here.


As a registered participant, you must follow all local regulations and guidelines through every step of your Fringe process. To help you keep up to date we will keep this page updated with guidelines and best practices provided by the county. 

To read more about current health and safety guidelines, please see our COVID-19 participant blog post here.