Fringe Central Lighting Designer Brandon Baruch with his undeniably adorable dog Ninja


JUN 2017

Meet Fringe Central Lighting Designer Brandon Baruch

Hiya, I’m Brandon Baruch. I’m a playwright and a lighting designer specializing in experimental theater, opera, and dance. I’m also the guy who designed the lights for Fringe Central.


My first foray into Fringe was in 2010, when I co-wrote and directed a silly piece called Deicide, a Sorta Musical. I became hooked by the HFF bug, and I’ve been involved ever since.


I became Staff Lighting Designer in 2012 when I helped mount some colorful lighting in Fringe Central, before it became that infamous paint store. It has been a pleasure to help Fringe Central evolve from its humble origins into the supercool “Place to Be” it is today (although I do miss the popcorn machine).


Fringe helped me hone my skills as a playwright. I have written four original pieces which premiered in Fringe, and I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to see my work on a stage without the festival, which has served as both a platform and an incubator for my work.


I teach a workshop each year with Corwin Evans called “How to Tech Your Fringe Show". We want participants to know that great design is possible despite the narrow parameters and time constraints of a theater festival. I also like to offer my services as a designer for whoever needs a design that tells a story. This year, I designed 12 shows!


I like to tell people Fringe is my Burning Man. For one month every year, I get to drop everything and live in FringeLand with all my friends and collaborators. I love the sense of family and community this festival fosters, and I especially enjoy watching new and exciting young voices discover an opportunity to get their work seen. 


I hope to see everyone at Fringe Central this year. I’ll be the guy with a Gin, Soda and Bitters in my hand. Happy Fringing!