James Behind the Bar at the Closing Night Party of the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival.


MAY 2017

Meet FringeTV Producer James Warfield

How did I get involved in Fringe? I closed out my bar tab and walked home with my good friend Bryan Burgess, who solicited my help to paint trash cans and build anything that needed building at an empty museum space on Wilshire the next morning for an event. The event was Art Bash, a fundraiser for the upcoming Hollywood Fringe Festival. 

I carried a lot of ice that night. 

The following June I was asked once again by my good friend, Bryan, to carry ice for the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2010. So I did. I carried ice.


The next year, I helped build and dedicate the bar to remember and honor our good friend, Bryan. And I carried a lot of ice. 


I worked with an amazing team of dedicated bar staff under the leadership of Abbie Wagoner. I poured a lot of drinks and carried a lot of ice.

I carried ice and poured more drinks the following year.

In 2013 my dear friend, Stacy Jones Hill, became my boss as we tackled FringeTV together. It was a year of carrying a lot of equipment, long segments, laughter, sweat, and learning. We brought those learned lessons to the table in the following year and spit out a lot of footage on FringeTV, thanks also to the help of one of my bosses this year, Nathaniel Beaver.

This year I am once again a Producer of FringeTV. Working on set with Beaver has been and will continue to be a treat. I cannot wait for Jones to get here and get the band back together. Also, we’re a band.

I’ve worn many hats for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Bartender, Bar Manager, Food and Beverage Director, Front of House Director, FringeTV Host, FringeTV Producer, but most importantly, I carry Ice. I’ve carried ice every year. Also kegs or cases. I’ve carried them. Sold them. Probably to you, reader.