a sense of humor is a Development Director's most important tool


MAY 2017

Who are you, and what did you do to my socks?

Oh sorry, those were your socks? I didn’t realize, and they were the perfect size to make a pair of pants for the squirrel that sits outside my window. Sorry I guess, but not that sorry; squirrels need pants too, you know.  As to who I am? I’m Vanessa Frey, a Libra who thinks astrology is garbage and whose hobbies (besides making tiny clothing for tiny animals of course) include reading and not watching sports.


How did you get involved with Fringe, and why do you have french fries in your pockets?

I went to my first Fringe four years ago, just after I moved to Los Angeles. I loved the community and the performances and wanted to become more involved. I’m no thespian, however, so when I saw the posting for Development Coordinator three years ago, I saw that as an opportunity for me to help support the organization. As for the french fries…I could tell you, but you wouldn’t like the answer. I think the real question here, though, is how you could tell I had french fries in my pocket in the first place.


The fries are sticking out of the top your pant pockets, which is why I asked…but anyway, what do you do for the Fringe?

Sorry I didn’t hear the last part of your question—did you ask who is my favorite muppet?! That’s such a great question! There are so many muppets that have jobs similar to what I do for the Fringe. Take Scooter for example—he’s the muppet who kept the show going by finding gigs for Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. Similar to Scooter, I go out and find organizations, agencies and foundations that want to give grants to Fringe in order to keep the festival going. Also, Beaker is my favorite muppet (sorry Scooter).


What are your plans now that your Fringe’s Development Director, and can you please stop throwing french fries at me?

Oops, sorry about the french fries…the squirrel outside my window tells me to do things sometimes. As for my plans, today I plan to vacuum the stairs, braid my dog’s hair and then go to Starbucks for a couple of hours and pretend to do work. After that I think I’ll—-


Stop. Please, just stop—I didn’t mean what are your plans for today, I meant what are your plans for Fringe!

Oh, why didn’t you say so!  My plans for Fringe include getting the organization more support as it continues to grow, so it can further develop things like Fringe Scholarships. I also plan to spend as much time as I can at Fringe Central and see as many shows as I can. Can’t wait to Fringe it up with you all!