NOV 2016

Dear Fringers,

We have been thinking about you. 

The world feels like a very uncertain place right now. Many people are struggling. During the darker days, we thought of you. As time wore on, we were inspired by your calls to action and your messages of hope. And over this holiday weekend, we felt so deeply grateful for you. 

We know that many people are feeling unsure, disoriented, alone. Here’s our suggestion: we keep going. 

We work together to keep challenging society, to share our stories, to express our deep wells of emotion. Throughout human history, art has been a galvanizing force of change. It is more important than ever that we stick together, that we support one another, that we unify as artists on the stage and speak our minds, unafraid. 

Fringe has always been a safe place for all artists to express themselves through their craft and this will not change. We will continue to support artists of all backgrounds. We will always be open access, so that everyone may have a voice. 

On this Giving Tuesday, we ask you to donate to the Hollywood Fringe Festival. We hope to hit a very important goal by the end of the year and are giving stuff away to those who donate $25, $50, $100 or $150 to help us get there. Check out this link for prize info. 

Seven years ago, we were planning a festival not knowing whether anyone would come or value what we were trying to do. 

But you showed up. 

The “little festival that could” is now one of the biggest festivals in the world because of our rock-solid community. A community that has changed all of us forever. A community that can change the world. 

And if you need us, we’re only an email away at [email protected].


With Great Love and Affection,

The Hollywood Fringe Senior Staff