Introducing Brittany Gash, our new Publicity Manager! // Photo: Erica MB


MAR 2016

My name is Brittany Gash and I am in love with words. (I am also the new Publicity Manager for Hollywood Fringe Festival, but I’ll get to that later.) I’m in love with how we use words to describe things and communicate our feelings. I’m also intrigued by the many ways in which we choose to ditch our words and use other methods to communicate. Some people dance, paint, act, or make music. My art is communication. I love the magic of composing a sentence or phrase that will inspire, inform, motivate, uplift or push someone to take an action.  

Here are some of the words the Hollywood Fringe has chosen to describe itself and the festival – Community. Open-Access. Freedom of Expression. Collaboration. Uncensored. Diverse. Cutting-Edge. Inspiring. Fun. (#Yaaaasss) Are those not some of the best words in the English Language? These are the things that make my heart beat fast. This is why I wanted to work with the Hollywood Fringe Festival team. Plus, the Festival is the largest celebration of the performing arts in L.A..

I have worked in the Arts and Marketing since 2006. My first grown-up job was a summer internship for the LA County Arts Commission/Ford Theatres. That summer I was given a baptism by fire in arts marketing. I experienced a multitude of performing arts genres – from live theatre, Japanese taiko drumming, chamber music and Argentine tango to Ballet Folklorico, hip hop dance and film. I was also immersed in the county’s visual arts scene. I had so much fun and learned so much about marketing, publicity, communications, and the arts during the internship that there was no turning back. 

Since then, I’ve worked with a variety of arts organizations and entertainers to tell their stories and share their creative and inspiring projects with the public. As the Publicity Manager of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, it is my job to tell our story and share our programs and events with the community, the media, and the world. I write the email newsletters and press releases that end up in your inboxes. I also reach out to the media, and develop partnerships with community organizations, to help spread the word about all the awesome stuff happening at Fringe. 

I am truly honored to work with not only the HFF staff (who are some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met) but the very talented and inspiring festival participants and the many organizations and businesses who partner with us to make it all happen. Plus, everyone is just so freaking cool.