The newest member of the Hollywood Fringe team!


MAR 2016

Meet Our New Outreach Coordinator

The Hollywood Fringe is growing, so we recently hired some new people to join our staff! First, we’d like to introduce our new colleague Ellen Den Herder.

Hello Hollywood Fringe!

I am so, so grateful to join the Hollywood Fringe Festival staff as Outreach Coordinator. I am new to the Los Angeles theater scene, but am ready to take the full plunge! Here’s a little bit about myself and my involvement this year…

Q: What’s “outreach” and why do you sound so excited?

Outreach is essentially getting to know you all! I get to help coordinate special events with our Outreach Director, get involved in the newest Fringe education programs, and basically meet every single one of you. I’m so excited because I love talking to new people, making friends and seeing fantastic art. 

Q: …You’re new to the theater scene, eh?

Yes! I am, but that does not mean I’m new to the performing arts. As a musician, I have worked on countless operas, musicals and classical performances all around LA as both a performer and administrator. I’ve also been to the Fringe as a patron and seen fantastic work. I have always had a passion for all art forms, but theater (and specifically, theater education) has always been a passion for me. 

Q: So, when can I meet you, you sound (insert emoji of choice here)?

You can meet me at any of our #drinkingaboutfringe “Office Hours” every Wednesday starting at March 30 at bar TBD. Come grab a drink, hang out and grow along in our Hollywood Fringe family with me!

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