JUN 2014

Here’s a list of this year’s Award Winners— announced just moments ago at the 2014 Award Ceremony! Thank you all for coming and congratulations to the winners!

Fringe Freaks (Community-Voted Awards):

  • Top of the Fringe: Women
  • Fringe First (World Premiere): NO HOMO – A Bromantic Tragedy
  • The International Award: Love Is.
  • Best in Ensemble Theatre: NO HOMO – A Bromantic Tragedy
  • Best in Solo Performance: The Wake
  • Best in Comedy: Women
  • Best in Musicals & Operas: Bronies: The Musical
  • Best in Dance & Physical Theatre: Into the Fog
  • Best in Cabaret & Variety: Fancy: Secrets from My Bootydoir

Sponsored Awards:

  • The THIRTY90NE Golden Elephant Awards: Women (Golden Production); Joseph Lee— Vengeance Can Wait & Catherine Waller— The Creeps (Golden Performer); Brandon Baruch— No HOMO- A Bromantic Tragedy (Golden Playwright); Joe Greene, Heidi Powers, Tom Moore, Rebecca Eisenberg and Ryan Bergmann— Bronies: The Musical (Golden Producer/Director)
  • BGBA’s Innovative Women in Theatre Award: Sardia Robinson— From a Yardie to a Yankee
  • The Imagined Truth Award for First Play: Melanie Thomas— The Cave: A Folk Opera
  • Bitter Lemons Award for Family Fare (BLAFF): Beau & Aero
  • Bitter Lemons Irreverent Fringe Femmes Award (BLIFF): Women
  • Bitter Lemons Outrageous Award for Theater (BLOAT): Belli Gemelli: An Opera Sitcom
  • O FACE Award for Orgasmic Achievement of a Performer: Lee Turnbull— Love Is
  • O FACE Award for Orgasmic Achievement of a Production: The Wake
  • O FACE Award for Orgasmic Achievement of a Writer or Composer: June Carryl— La Bete
  • The DOMA Award for New Musical: Lydia Trueblood: The Black Widow of the Atlantic Coast
  • The DUENDE Distinction: Into the Fog
  • The Lumpy-Cramp© Freshman Participant Award: Beau and Aero
  • The Unleashed Award: Star Cross’d
  • The LAFPI Most Wanted Award: Schkapf, Theatre of NOTE, iO West, Three Clubs, Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre, Hudson Theatres
  • Trailer Park Award: Fancy: Secrets from my Bootydoir
  • Veterans for Virgins Award: Beau & Aero
  • The Ezra Buzzington Spirit of the Fringe Awards: June Carryl— La Bete (Female Performance); Michael Shaw Fisher— The Werewolves of Hollywood Blvd: A Damnable Rock Musical (Male Performance); Colin Mitchell— Linden Arden Stole the Highlights (Best Writing); Jessica Hanna— No Homo – A Bromantic Tragedy (Best Directing); Ben Moroski— The Wake (Best Production)

The Encore!- Producer’s Awards:

  • Theatre Asylum: Friends Like These, Gimplecapped: A Journey of “Inspiration”, Linden Arden Stole the Highlights, Man’s Dominion, Meet & Greet, “The Mermaid Who Learned to Fly”, NO HOMO- A Bromantic Tragedy, Odessa, Reborning, Riot Grrrls Save the World, Schachner Vs Schachner, Seven Seductions of Taylor Swift, The Wake, Into the Fog, Woof Woof
  • The Complex: 52 Pick Up, Beau & Arrow, Belli Gemelli – A Opera Sitcom, Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story, David & Leeman – Magic and Other Dangerous Things, Jackass- A Prom Story, Love Is, Memoirs of a Bartender, Open Mike, Schoolcraft and Murray, Starcross’d, Stumbling Along, Poofy du Vey in “Burden of Proof”, Things Being What They Are
  • The Lounge: Bronies: The Musical, I Want To Bury My Testimony, Lincoln Adjacent, Waitless, Independence, La Bete
  • The Lex: Zombies From Beyond
  • Three Clubs: Fancy: Tales from My Bootydoir, Lydia Trueblood: The Black Widow of the Atlantic Coast, Some Girls(s), The Cave
  • Actors Company: Angels and Whiskey, Bonnie’s Future Sisters, Death by Powerpoint, Eddie, Rapture, Ravens and Writing Desks, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Most Massive Woman Wins, Twelfth Night
  • Cupcake Theatre: Snow White: the Musical, The Last Five Years, RSVP: RIP, That’s Why I Hold On

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