JUN 2013

2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival Award Winners

Here’s a list of this year’s Award Winners— announced just moments ago at the 2013 Award Ceremony! Thank you all for coming and congratulations to the winners!

Fringe Freaks (Community-Voted Awards):

  • Top of the Fringe: Absolutely Filthy
  • Fringe First (World Premiere): Me Rich You Learn
  • The International Award: Take Me To The Poorhouse
  • Best in Cabaret & Variety: The Devil and Billy Markham
  • Best in Comedy: Absolutely Filthy
  • Best in Dance & Physical Theatre: Me Rich You Learn
  • Best in Ensemble Theatre: White Hot
  • Best in Musicals & Operas: Exorcistic: The Rock Musical Parody Experiment
  • Best in Solo Performance: (no static at all)

Sponsored Awards:

  • The Vagrancy Duende Award: Michael Kass from Ceremony
  • DOMA Theatre Company Award for Best Musical: The Pokemusical
  • Orgasmico Theatre Company Awards: Best Production: Butt Kapinski, Best Performer: Michal Sinnott from White Hot, Best Writer/Composer: Blake Abramovitz from Double Bind
  • LAFPI Venue Award (for venues who hosted 50% or more productions by female playwrights): Actor’s Company, Art of Acting Studio, Celebration Theatre
  • A Working Theatre Design Awards: Best Lighting: Ric Zimmerman from White Hot, Best Costumes: Lea McGowan from Now Leasing, Best Props/Set: Meghan McCarthy from Me Rich You Learn, Sound: Fugitive Kind Theatre of The Fire Room
  • Four Clowns, Lost Moon Radio & Big Guns Tobacco Virgin Award: Fancy! A Southern Gothic Camp Parable
  • Theatre Unleashed Award: It’s Important to Leave as Well (Feed Your Fringe)
  • Bitter Lemons Outrageous Award for Theatre (BLOAT): The Devil and Billy Markham
  • Trailer Park Award (for Best Video Trailer): White Hot
  • Ezra Buzzington’s Spirit of Fringe Awards: Best Performance (Male): Brendan Hunt from Absolutely Filthy, Best Performance (Female): Leslie Murphy from Ryan is Lost, Best Writing: Nathan Wellman from Ryan is Lost, Best Show: The Devil & Billy Markham
  • Combined Artform’s Best of Fringe Extensions: [Title of Show], 25 Plays Per Hour, Baby, Bobbywood, Butt Kapinski, Ceremony, Daddy Didn’t Die Did he?, David and Leeman: How to Convincingly Fake Honesty, Define Dif-fer-ent, Delilah Dix: American Showgirl, Dick & Jayne Get a Life, Double Bind, Fancy! A Southern Gothic Camp Parable, Fathers at a Game, Frank & Ava, Gracie & Rose, Hersheme, Kill A Better Mousetrap, King Phycus, Listen Can you hear me now?, Marshall’s Law, Meant to Be, More Bigger Masses, No Static At All, Philosophy in the Boudoir, Pokemusical, Rodeo Town, Ryan is Lost, Sewer Rats at Sea, Sunny Afternoon, Take Me to the Poorhouse, The Baby, The Devil and Billy Markham, The Interview, The Real Housekeepers of Studio City, The Spolin Players, The Third Date, True Hustle, Unmoderated, Wet the Hippo, White Hot

The Sillies:

  • The Intern Award: Emilie Pass, Rebekah York, Ariana Howell, Amber Avant, Sammy Evans & Victoria Steger
  • The Wrench (most valuable tech player): Matt Richter and Rebecca Schoenberg
  • The Sweet Sweet Neil Award (the sweetest fringer in the fringiverse): Benny Lumpkins
  • The Ivo (most talented youngster at the Fringe): Meghan McCauley
  • The Evil Kenevil (for the best stunt): Wet the Hippo (Runner Up: Theatre Unleashed)
  • The Bar Rat (most omnipresent at the bar): Jacquetta Szathmari
  • The Sasafrass (sassiest staff member): Liz Steele & Abbie Wagoner
  • The FOMO (fringer who never misses out on the action): Kan Mattoo
  • The Tweet Master/Mistress (most active on the twitters): Theatre Unleashed & Real Housekeepers of Studio City