In Another Life By T.W. Steward: A Dynamic Reading of a New Fantasy Stage Play

ashna madni · June 25, 2024 uncertified reviewer
In Another Life has to be the most exciting work to come out of Hollywood Fringe 2024! The mind of T.W. Steward is truly something else!! Despite this show being a dynamic reading rather than a full production, I was completely transported into the world of Fastersille, which has been carefully thought out and portrayed. An ode to the fantasy novel, this play introduces us to another world (and another life!) with characters who feel familiar. I'm gonna need a full multi-part series, a spin-off, ... full review


anonymous · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
A refreshing new way to enjoy theater and for the audience to be immersed in the story. An on-stage version of "Living In Oblivion". Fantastic.... full review

Me Be Me

lily abha cratsley · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
An entertaining, high energy exploration of Serena's identity. True to its description, Me Be Me is a lovably chaotic portrait of mixed race identity, the female experience, sisterhood, daughterhood, and more.... full review

Dusk Rings a Bell - A Play by Stephen Belber

mitch yapko · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
This show is an absolute MUST-SEE. Amberlee Colson and Tyler Rice deliver deeply real, raw and often-times relatable performances as two people who, after a brief-but-important interaction years before, find their way back to each other after their lives have taken very different turns apart. If you haven't caught this yet, do yourself a favor and catch their final performance on 6/27.... full review

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition: Part 2

jamie drake · June 25, 2024 uncertified reviewer
DEAR GOD this show was delightful as hell. I have kind of a big laugh, but I don't laugh easily. I thought I was going to lose my internal organs during this show with how much this guy made me laugh! To me it felt as if someone that was an insane Lord of the Rings fan decided on a whim that they wanted to memorize the film (but not the OG version, the EXTENDED version) so that they could share it in this form one day -- dressed as Gandolf nontheless -- in the perfect balance of what felt like of... full review

The Funny Thing About Men

jasmine breitbach · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
Excellent show. Very funny and Mandy has a beautiful voice. ... full review

Black Bastard

anthony woods · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
Jon Gentry masterfully took us on a journey through his childhood. It was heartfelt, funny, and heartbreaking. He deftly flowed through show keeping us engaged and connected.... full review


jonny perl · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
Foxy Ladies was a slick, high-energy, funny, and highly professional production. Mega talent across the entire cast and band, with tons of fun costumes. This was one of the best fringe shows I have ever seen, and I could see the show performing well in other venues. ... full review

Delusions and Grandeur

byron coolie · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
This show is very relatable with a great message about artists being defined and valued by what they do and what they've done lately. This show's message is not one to ignore. Strongly Recommend!... full review

Extraterrestrial Kink

allie-rae treharne · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
THIS SHOW ROCKED! Unhinged, unbridled, unapologetic. Specific and sexy. Disturbing, yet comforting? Equal parts heart-breaking and hilarious. Come to see and feel seen. Stay for the ALIEN SEX! ... full review


bryan wayne · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
I loved this production. It was a deeply moving and emotional experience. The story slowly unfolded, giving us bits and pieces to figure out exactly what was happening. Each revelation was exciting and made you gasp a little bit, and gave us a chance to adjust to next level of emotion.... full review

What the Chuck?!

byron coolie · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
This show is a hilarious surprise! I laughed nonstop. The show is well acted and keeps the audience engaged.... full review

This Song Reminds Me Of...

byron coolie · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
This is a very fun concert! You're gonna love this show especially if you're a millennial, rock music fan, or fan of music, period. Kelsey is fun, lovable, witty, relatable, and a great performer. She knows how to excite the crowd and has great chemistry with her band. And of course, she has a great voice and magnetic stage presence. Highly Recommend!... full review

Who's Serving Who?

tiffany smith · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
Could not have loved this show more! Comedic, vulnerable and joyfilled. Kelsi is so magnetic and charming, she had the whole audience eating out of the palm of her hand for the entire show!... full review


anonymous · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
Such a fun interesting look at the life of Fickas and how time works in a creatives life! Humorous and educational! So happy I got to see this one man show!... full review

Dear Auntie B.

dawn branch · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
A brilliantly entertaining play from Becca Lustgarten. The writing and acting are superb. You don't want to miss this one. ... full review

In For A Penny

moriah boone · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
I was so impressed by this show! It was a fresh, intriguing story written with sharp humor and a heavy dose of reality.... full review


lily abha cratsley · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
A masterclass in solo-show acting! Joe seamlessly transitions from character to character without the need for any major costume or lighting gimmicks to assist. In a split second his face starts to change and you know exactly which character is re-emerging. A thrilling feat of athleticism and empathy.... full review


megan francisco · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
This show was the most aesthetic and thought-provoking one-person show I’ve seen in this season of Fringe so far. That being said, this artful piece shared many words that are noteworthy and call attention to the state of being perceived, confronting contradictions, and dealing with inner demons. One of the lines that resonated was that we settle with assumptions. What a mesmerizing performance of the personification of intrusive thoughts. ... full review

Role Play (or The Hottest Day in Belgian History)

byron coolie · June 25, 2024 certified reviewer
Cameron Murphy delivers an incredibly vulnerable performance. He's able to tell and perform his story with pure precision and honesty. If you have not seen this show, keep an eye out for the next time Cameron decides to do this show. He's got something truly great on his hands.... full review