Beth Rickey: A PowerPoint Presentation

spencer frankeberger · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
As someone with an otherwise invisible disability, not only did I relate incredibly in many ways to this story, but I was so thrilled to see disability take center stage in a story that represents artists with disabilities but also is a story of humor and heart...and that's exactly what Beth Rickey: A Powerpoint Presentation is. Truly far more than a simple powerpoint presentation.... full review

Heart of Golden Tar

spencer frankeberger · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
Intense, intriguing, and impressive, this script is one of the stand outs of writing at the Fringe this year.... full review

ENCORE RECIPIENT: The King & I, and Paul

jess jani · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
Such an incredible show, not surprised that they got an encore! They had me laughing the entire show!... full review

Trust me, I'm from Essex

zach copeland · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
A terrific show! Very funny, engaging, and heartfelt. You will leave with a smile on your face, guaranteed.... full review

My Dead Dad

nick pupo · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
A beautiful story told by Sam, packed with jokes in a tight hour-long show. Never a dull moment, never a joke falls flat. Sam shares from his heart and leaves nothing hidden from his audience. I thorouhgly enjoyed myself, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a wonderfully-crafted solo show about grief, shame, and a complicated father/son relationship. He has one more encore performance Friday July 14th at 8:30pm. Don't miss it! ... full review

THIS or THAT: A Sketch Comedy Experience

nick pupo · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
This is a high energy and hilarious sketch comedy show with just enough audience participation to keep you fully engaged for the entire hour. The chemistry between these five dudes is electric and their unique take on sketch comedy is packed with jokes, physicalities, and absurdist scenarios. The way they heighten a joke is unlike any other sketch show I've seen. The festival is over, but follow everything these guys do. ... full review

El Paso

jorge-luis pallo · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
I loved El Paso. This Play is an important and relevant piece of art. Beautifully written and performed. You can tell how much love the director/writer and performers put into the work. It was like being served a home cooked meal. ... full review

The Sad Life Of A Happy Man

cameron chyun · June 26, 2023 uncertified reviewer
A dour, yet compelling hour of diverse interpretations of self-doubt and artistic pain. Christion Ty Edwards's performance justifies the potentially dragging script into a series of set pieces that kept showing a new side to his talents and the character's personal issues. My only wish is that I really wanted the show to work on the specifics of the characters from their artistic passions, inspirations, experiences, and subsequent disappointments that led to this horribly self-destructive min... full review

Karma in a Fishbowl

anonymous · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
Overall, my husband and I absolutely loved the show! It was entertaining, hilarious and true to the nature of the show business we all work in. And you have to laugh at the BS in this industry! It was a great original piece that could easily be translated into a short mockumentary film or sitcom to pitch in the future. ... full review

Boy Crazy Psycho Slut

anonymous · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
A wonderful, funny, sad, and still entertaining show. One of the best one-person shows out there.... full review

Texas Hellfire

erin doyle · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
Texas Hellfire is deeply moving show that I can't get out of my head -- it's stayed with me for days. Katharine Everett is an absolute force on stage, switching between a range of characters with such empathy it's hard to believe she's the only one on stage. An absolute must see!!... full review

Now or Later

linda temkin · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
Intelligent and timely.... full review


robert easton · June 26, 2023 certified reviewer
What a wonderful performance! The story is an important retelling of a pivotal moment in Brazilian history, and it was told so well through the performance and the narration. Not only that, the ensemble was self contained with the talent, including wonderful music and top notch capoeira, stunts, dance, and acrobatics that further accentuated the story. Well done! ... full review