Michael Kearns' Bloodbound

ensemble theatre · moon mile run · Ages 17+ · United States of America


“Honest, unafraid, terrifying, turbulent and touching…”
— Randy Gravelle

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Kearns has developed a uniquely descriptive, empathetic story. BLOODBOUND is a profound, committed journey. The writing is intense and intimate, distinctly characterized by a precise use of language and device. Beautiful stagecraft, lighting and sound design.”
— Tracey Paleo, Gia on the Move

“Superbly written. Brilliant Direction and incredible performances by all four actors. 99-Seat Theater in Los Angeles is a alive and well and thriving in a play called BLOODBOUND. It’s quite an extraordinary story and as usual playwright Kearns makes you twist and turn in your seat. You will love the ride.”
— Steve Tyler

“Some powerful acting. Thought-provoking.”
— Arthur Scotti


The newest full-length play from Los Angeles theatre luminary and legendary artist-activist MICHAEL KEARNS.

BLOODBOUND’s themes pit the freedom to love against overpowering odds: familial implosion, interminable and unjustified incarceration, distorted sexual childhood boundaries, and roller coaster rides of mental illnesses which haunt the Shaw family.

To authentically dramatize the familial journey, two actors inhabit each brother role, the younger and the older versions, intercutting their often skewed memories.

Kearns’ 75- minute one-act play tracks their lives — reliving critical, contradictory and conflicting moments —as the misfit siblings determinedly cement their love in spite of the gnarled realities they cannot avoid confronting.

“Michael Kearns has created a poetically and powerfully charged portrait of brothers in love.”

Ages 17+

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran