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The Count of Monte Cristo: The Musical

musicals and operas · waiting for gravity music · Ages 10+ · world premiere · United States of America

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SAM JOHNIDES June 12, 2015
tagged as: Fantastic · Beautiful · ensemble
Had the pleasure of seeing the last preview where D'Angelo had the opportunity to put on the ideal performance of this show and it was well worth it. Coming into this, my biggest concern was my lack of knowledge of story, since I had been hearing just how massive the book was and D'Angelo cutting it down to a two hour show kept me hesitant of what I would miss or not understand, but the instant the show got up and running, I was guided throughout the exposition almost with my hand held, just long enough to get me caught up on everything that I needed to know before we dove into the more complex parts of the story, kudos to you, Kelly, for making this transition comfortable for us. This lavish story demands an eye for the period of the piece ... full review
MIKE DOWLING June 19, 2015
When I heard that there was a musical version of Count of Monte Cristo I thought, "How are they going to pull that off?" Turns out when you have extremely talented people making it you can pull off quite a bit. This is an ambitious and engaging new look at the story we are all familiar with. Edmond Dantès going from prisoner to count has been told and retold several times in the decades since it was written, but I have never seen it told quite like this. The songs (especially the big numbers with the whole cast) are hum worthy and I found myself singing "Carnival" from the show while walking back to my car. You can tell that the cast is totally committed to the story and music because it comes across in their performances. This isn't just... full review
EMILY DONN certified reviewer June 10, 2015
I was honestly not sure what to expect when I sat down to watch this show. What I got was beautiful music and a play that serves the story it is based on extraordinarily well. While there is an occasionally rushed moment (hardly surprising in a show based on such a rich story) I found things easy to follow and was intrigued the whole time. The cast is quite talented, and the costumes lovely. A real achievement. (And no, you do not need to be familiar with the book to follow and enjoy the musical.)... full review
SARAH DZIDA certified reviewer June 08, 2015
I am a huge fan of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I remember being introduced to it by my father through the copy he had on his bookshelf. I’ve reread the epic book many times because it has … well, everything, and when I say everything, I mean it literally. There’s greed, revenge, love, hate, family issues, mistaken identities, embezzlement, history, politics and pirates! It’s over 1000+ pages of pure drama. So when I met Kelly d’Angelo at an early Fringe Workshop who said she had been working on her adaptation for a Count of Monte Cristo musical for 10 years, I was pretty impressed. And curious—just how was she going to pull that off? On the way to the world premiere this past Friday, my dad and I played a game: What scen... full review
ANDREW AMANI certified reviewer June 10, 2015
As a fellow Fringer also mounting a Dumas show, I wanted to see how their idea of what the book meant to them was interpreted for the stage. One of the things writer, director, and producer Kelly d'Angelo disclaims is that this is a workshop performance, that a full hour was cut from the actual full length production and because of that there were going to be gaps. For me, that was a great way to break the ice. I was able to sit back and simply enjoy the work. And enjoy I did. Kelly did a remarkable job with all the lyrics and Matt Dahan was simply virtuosic with the score. How amazing will this production be with a full orchestra??? The Treasure is You was one of my favorites. Like other reviewers, I was mildly confused by the switc... full review
SCOTT SWIFT June 10, 2015
Catchy tunes and fine performances! I caught the second preview night and was blown away. Writer/director Kelly d'Angelo did a superb job of crafting the complex Dumas tome into a two hour stage musical. The plot remained complex, but the heart and essence of the story remained while some of the intricacies and meanderings of the novel were necessarily whittled away. The performances were excellent. Special shout outs to Cristo/Dante, Abbe', Villefort, Danglars (killer glare and evil stare!) and Cadderouse (I understand Abbe' and Cadderouse were not on stage for the first preview night, which might explain some of the less favorable comments I see above, although other cast members stepped in to fill those roles on preview night 1, which... full review
MATTHEW MARTIN June 13, 2015
Breathtaking. Excellent. Beautiful. Only a few words to describe the opus. As a huge fan of the book I was both enthralled by this masterpiece, and a little sad. And by that I mean it's too short. And knowing the story and Kelly, I know it's on its way to a bigger stage with so much more room to play. With the incredible music & lyrics by Kelly and Matt Dahan, the actors take you on an amazing trip that brings you to such an emotional place. And while there are still a few pieces not as strong as others, this indeed a Must See this year. The control that the actors have over their voices to keep from blowing away the room and keeping you in the story is wonderful. Add that to Kelly's just brilliant directing and you have show that wou... full review
One might hear the name the Count of Monte Cristo and immediately fall to silence waiting for the sound of trumpets in the distance and some gallant fanfare entrance full of jewels music and revenge. That is what this musical is. Upon entering we see a very minimal stage with a humble tone and earnest beginnings, it doesn't even know its potential until the actors much like the Abbé Faria take it under their tutelage and show it it's real potential, that it can be magnificent and powerful, that it is The Count of Monte Cristo. This turned from a small Fringe show to a large powerhouse performance, to which I only see bigger better things for this shows future. The music and story are eloquently written and pair wonderfully. Hats off to b... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer June 06, 2015
You need to go into show with your eyes open. Writer, director and producer Kelly D’Angelo is certainly ambitious in undertaking to stage a Broadway style musical of “The Count of Monte Cristo.” There’s no denying the show has problems, most of which D’Angelo might have avoided if she had limited the number of hats she’s wearing here. Running the two hour show without an intermission is perhaps not the wisest decision The production suffers from a clumsy book and repeatedly plunging the audience into blackouts that a more inventive director could have worked out. But these flaws and others should be judged with some generosity. That this show is not a total success should be no surprise That it succeeds as well as it does, however is ... full review
KAT MICHELS certified reviewer June 06, 2015
tagged as: #ChanceItLA
#ChanceItLA - This is a true chance it. The music is beautiful and on the whole sung with great skill. It definitely has moments reminiscent of shows like Les Mis and Scarlet Pimpernel. I walked to my car after singing the final number. However, it does suppose a pre-knowledge of the story - so brush up before you go. It could use some cutting and the direction is clumsy at best. I would love to see this after a trimming of the script and in the hands of an experienced director.... full review

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