Fancy: Secrets from my Bootydoir

cabaret & variety · farah productions · Ages 21+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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ADALGIZA CHEMOUNTD certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Amazing show. If you want a huge belly aching laugh, do yourself a favor and see this show. 5 ☆☆☆☆☆... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: sex · comedy · boobs · Chris Farah
Once again Chris Farah brings the story of our favorite prostitute, Ms. Fancy Jean Baker, to life in her new show being staged at the newly renovated Three Clubs. This show is a must see. Check out the rest of my review on full review
ALEX KNOX certified reviewer June 16, 2014
I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Farah back in 2011 in a one-person show class in downtown LA. Back then, Fancy was just being born. Now she has bloomed into a grown-ass woman - one who is a genius at taking over a theater and winning your heart. Seriously, folks - this is one of the shows to make time for. Get to the Three of Clubs early, and grab a cold beverage to sip. Then go inside and relish Fancy's witty banter, soulful songs, and an entirely improvised section where she answers questions that the audience is LIVE tweeting. There's even a video intro that alone is worth the price of admission. Go spend an hour with Fancy - it's good for your health.... full review
BONNIE SLUDIKOFF certified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: sex · raunchy · comedy · boobs · campy · cabaret
Fancy is a fun, lighthearted, raunchy (though more campy than explicit) romp that doesn't take itself too seriously. Sometimes you just want to laugh and look at your neighbor with eyes that say "did she REALLY say that?" and when you feel that way- it's time to check out fancy. Also someone in the audience with a special gift... this isn't a show to bring your mom to, but definitely a fun girl or guys night out... Farah as Fancy is delightful and will have you laughing out loud.... full review
DANIELLE BRAVERMAN certified reviewer June 16, 2014
Wow!!! Chris Farah is so talented! We were laughing the entire time! She is quick, witty, funny and had a frickin' amazing voice! This girl is a superstar!!!... full review
BRENDAN WEINHOLD certified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: sweet · funny · exciting · thoughtful · lovely
It's nothing short of incredible. Fancy is compelling, sweet, smart, funny, exciting, thoughtful, lovely... just... wonderful, and worth it. Her singing is gorgeous and funny and poignant. Her repartee is gorgeous and funny and poignant. Her stories are gorgeous and funny and poignant. If you haven't discovered her yet, don't lose any more time. Go to her next show. Track her down. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!... full review
ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 18, 2014
tagged as: fun · inclusive · delightful. FANCY!
you don't have to be a chris farah fan to enjoy Fancy, but you will become one. Fancy is one of those characters that has a lifetime ahead of her, and I can't wait to see where she goes! If I were Fancy's manager, she'd be performing at bar mitzvahs, weddings, cruise ships, birthdays, and by all means, the hottest drag clubs in the country und world! ... full review
BRANDON CLARK certified reviewer June 19, 2014
Sassy! Brassy! Funny! Fancy! I just love this lady.... full review
DARREN MANGLER certified reviewer June 20, 2014
It's great. ... full review
LISA COLE certified reviewer June 20, 2014
tagged as: fun · hilarious · sexy · talented · WOW
Oh, Fancy. I have missed you! What a completely joyful and fun experience. Looking around the audience, there wasn't one person that didn't have a giant smile on their face! Chris Farah is pure talent poured into a bustier! Can't get enough!! ... full review