P 5096 t 3245887


solo performance · goodnight orchard films · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · 50 mins · United States of America

A one man show from Matthew Gudernatch, who touches on what it was like to lose his mother at a tender age. There are stories, songs, jokes, and other attempts to turn all of the unending pain he's endured into a fun performance with maybe just a pinch of male nudity. (It's a comedy)
P 5109 t 8885995


comedy · self · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United States of America

It’s funny-or-die-in-the-graveyard time when Jeremy Kehoe’s absurdist, existential comedy, “Movin’ On Up”, makes its West Coast premiere at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival at The Complex Hollywood (Ruby Theater, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd.) June 1 - 21.
P 5394 t 203812


ensemble theatre · theatre unleashed · world premiere · 70 mins · United States of America

A moving new play by Jacob Smith, "Met Again" takes a look at the entirety of a unique but familiar relationship, from beginning to end, and how those big and small moments, connections, talks, fights, celebrations and experiences all come to mean something more.
P 4782 t 9204885


immersive theatre · ezra buzzington · Ages 19+ · United States of America

SORRY, Andy fans. Due to severe cast conflicts, Andy can't appear at this year's feat. Maybe next year again!
P 4974 t 1406020


dance & physical theatre · shilo kloko · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United States of America

Combining butoh with experimental animation and puppetry, Shilo Kloko uses stark, striking visuals to portray a fluid relationship between puppet and puppeteer, reflecting our unstable, fluctuating social and emotional status as humans. Created by Nao Kobayashi. 2018 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship
P 5418 t 8978286


events & workshops · psychedelic clowns · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 180 mins · United States of America

Psychodelicate, interdimensional Traveller Psychedelic clown teaches a playshop on how to be creative and have fun! Part 1: Clown & ensemble performance games, Part 2: Council, Part 3: Modular Sound bath with guided meditation
P 5006 t 3427616


solo performance · fermented apples · Ages 14+ · world premiere · one person show · 40 mins · United States of America

Charlotte has always wanted to be able to fly. She's not a bird, and she's not sure if she can technically do it, but she's determined to try!
P 5093 t 8634555


dance & physical theatre · ungovernable theatre company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

Penelope, Telemachus, and Argus grapple with the absence of Odysseus across time and space in this modern reimagining of Homer's Odyssey.
P 5122 t 1868357


solo performance · denzil meyers · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · world premiere · one person show · 1hr · United States of America

A riff on Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape, UNREEL recreates a foolish young man's uncertain journey to his dark side the night before his college entrance exams. A comedic journey about the confusing truth of Kiergegaard's maxim: Life must be lived forwards, but it can only be understood backwards
P 5180 t 3225180


ensemble theatre · producer · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

Through the lens of three separate stories, Benevolence is an original two act drama about how our most important decisions are rarely made by us.
P 5178 t 5819894


ensemble theatre · cursed champagne productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

A young office worker, in the midst of her midday malaise, boards an elevator that continues up beyond the office to an enchanted and unknown land. There, she encounters mythical creatures, dastardly villains, and helping hands who show her whether or not the daily grind is what she's meant to do.
P 5300 t 2975182


ensemble theatre · reaact · Ages 18+ · world premiere · 50 mins · United States of America

Reilly has never questioned her life before. While working a dead-end job with nothing to show for it, Dhyrce shows her a way to live life that may be the kind of excitement she's looking for. What neither of them know is that the meaning of life is harder to figure out than just playing the part.
Default project


solo performance · retirement is bliss · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · 1hr · United States of America

"Come fly with me and see behind the veil." Journey with Janus, Enchantress, teller of tales, singer of songs, hippie Witch, mystic, priestess, fairy cousin, revolutionary, and flawed saint who flies to the moon on gossamer wings as she weaves a web of magical entertainment and inspiration.
P 5386 t 1436864


comedy · mfa in television, film and theatre, cal state la · Ages 14+ · 80 mins · United States of America

A multimedia satirical comedy about Reality TV where the audience determines the outcome of Eldon, a down-and-out guy offered a million dollars to spend for one week in exchange for a live broadcast of his demise chosen by the online voters: How will he go? Only YOU know....
P 5371 t 9973611


ensemble theatre · moon mile run · Ages 17+ · flashing lights · 72 mins · United States of America

"The unmistakable voice of a playwright who has something important to say," writes John Paul King, LA BLADE. Michael Kearns' work has been seen on L.A. stages for forty years and once again he magically transforms the forbidden into something beautiful.

Santa's Secret

A 4099 m 1526326

PAY WHAT YOU CAN for "a bizarre dark comedy that took turns I didn’t anticipate, filled with a lot of humor and impressive talent by the actor playing Santa" - Anonymous reviewer.

Still Life of an Orange Puppet Parables

A 3976 m 3081343

A series of fables that are absurd, funny and poignant. Through storytelling, animation, and puppetry, performance artist Jean Minuchin takes the audience on a journey into today’s most pressing issues through the charm of puppetry.


A 3927 m 8447542

**Fringe Scholarship Recipient** Ella shows why hair is an intimate and essential part of Black life through the eyes of 21 characters.

MANSON'S GIRLS - A New Musical!

A 4027 m 9352758

Welcome to the edge of society and beyond where the strange world of Manson's Girls takes place. Nearly 50 years ago the fateful events of 1969 stuck a fork into the consciousness of America perhaps deeper than it had ever been forked before or since