Met Again

theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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DENISE BARRETT certified reviewer June 04, 2018
This was a wonderful show. It slowly unfolds a relstionship amd all of it's funny, akward, regretful, and loving moments. It will make you laugh and cry. It depicts two people choosing to love each other and work at it for their entire lives and it is very sweet.... full review
LISA K. WYATT certified reviewer June 07, 2018
tagged as: romance · Playful · Relationships · poignant
A brilliant and beautiful love story playfully told.... full review
MICHAEL GORDON SHAPIRO certified reviewer June 10, 2018
A funny and compassionate chronicle of a couple's romantic life, full of lovable nuance, detail, and personality. A story rich with particulars, which in turn make it more universal. ... full review
DARREN MANGLER certified reviewer June 11, 2018
tagged as: drama · comedy · sexy · heartbreaking · romantic · timely
This show will make you re-think your life decisions for the better! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 11, 2018
As a former awards judge for HFF, I've seen literally hundreds of fringe shows over the past several years. This makes my top 5.... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 17, 2018
Met Again is the latest in a string of hits that Theater Unleashed has mounted at Fringe. This show had everything a great Fringe show needs – amazing acting, a compelling story, and a stellar audience . . .It was beautiful, bittersweet, and gave us hope that we could all find a love like these two shared. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 21, 2018
Met Again blew me away... what a wonderful show without gimmicks! It left me far more emotionally touched than I ever expected, and I continue to think about it the next day. This show is what we need right now; a simple, beautifully detailed love story without the weight of (real life) current events crushing you. It's an escape that will whisk you away fast and leave you breathless. Never a dull moment!... full review
KELLEY PIERRE certified reviewer June 11, 2018
We humans are somewhat insatiable when it comes to the two person love story (and we have all the films, novels and plays to prove it) but "Met Again" tells that story in one of the most exceptional ways I've ever seen. The two main character's interact with each other from that honest place- when you've been with someone so long that you only speak in inside jokes, when your life together has truly become it's own love story. But how do you convey that story to others? (Preferably, with a monstrous doorbell and a blah blah Reverend.) ... full review
MARTIN RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 21, 2018
Wow. This show was so touching and moving. It was a beautiful love story that came full circle. I appreciated how the story strayed away from stereotypical love stories and had real-life scenarios in them. It made it feel more true, if that makes sense. I laughed, I cried, and I told those I love just how much love them after leaving the theatre that day. Thank you for sharing this story. Met Again is a MUST SEE. ... full review
BRET SHEFTER certified reviewer June 23, 2018
Best show I've seen at this year's Fringe Festival. Brilliant script, excellent acting from the entire cast.... full review