An Odyssey

dance & physical theatre · ungovernable theatre company · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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SALLY KRAMER certified reviewer June 06, 2018
Incredulity well-written story makes you want to revisit Homer's Odyssey and learn even more Captivating characters from Greek Mythology are now part of everyday Army life,.Penelope and Telemachus are brilliantly played by Julia Davis and Joe De Soto And Carolina Montenegro plays the perfect Argus. By the way, could you find me a dog like Argus? Max Denney's original score, played by him, makes for an amazing time at the Fringe Sally Kramer ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 07, 2018
I was blown away by the amazing story portrayed in only an hour! The struggles of what happens when dad goes off to war, and what he's left behind. Joe DeSoto portrays Telemachus the 20yo, eagle scout, son of Odysseus, hysterically. Julia Davis is the wife of Odysseus and beautifluly depicts what its like to be an army wife. Carolina Montenegro is the aging and wise family dog Argos who's seen it all. Would highly recommend to anyone! So much talent!... full review
ALYSSA WELDON certified reviewer June 11, 2018
I was very impressed with the actors and How they handled their dialogue and moved the story forward only through monologues. Each of them took us on their personal journey with them and I was along for the ride! Special shout out to Carolina Montenegro with her performance as the family’s dog. Her performance was moving, touching, and you believable. Great job!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 11, 2018
I was really amazed how the whole show consisted of each character taking turns doing long monologues. The actors really knew how to interact with the audience and really sell their characters with each of their dramatic monologues. I honestly forgot during the show that it was a different take on The Odyssey because it brings such an interesting and relatable spin about a family waiting for the father to come home from war. Definitely had funny moments especially with Argus, the dog, who definitely needs a hug...and some actual food...and maybe a bath. Awesome job. Serious points to the director. Definitely recommend.... full review
BILL POSLEY certified reviewer June 12, 2018
Loved this show. What an amazing take on the Odyssey. As a Veteran I felt for the characters and had a complete connection and point of view I never even thought of before!... full review
JAKE KORNELY certified reviewer June 14, 2018
tagged as: sweet · touching · giggles · funny · CUTE · classic · odyssey
A clever and inventive take on the Odyssey. The whole performance was sweet and touching with moments that will make you giggle. Each of the actors looked like they were straight out of a Wes Anderson film, but their performances were so much deeper than that. It was beautiful and engaging start to finish.... full review
KELVYN CECCHIN certified reviewer June 18, 2018
tagged as: humor · sorrow · and Humanity
An Odyssey was incredibly enjoyable. Humorous throughout, touching at times, and eerily mesmerizing in its portrayal of a mourning family. The show had me laughing, frightened, and tearful. The Acting, Writing and Direction was outstanding. Anytime I can watch a piece of work that has me engaged like that, means I will highly recommend that anyone reading this should catch the show. Great Job to all involved! ... full review
MARK HEIN certified reviewer June 15, 2018
tagged as: daring · Wonderful · witty · heartbreaking
A TERRIFIC, WITTY TURN ON A CLASSIC. This is a remarkable work, perhaps even a great one. Denney has cut away 95% of Homer's "Odyssey," giving it a single focus and turning the testosterone epic into a feminist text, centered in heart and hearth. This quiet, domestic odyssey never leaves home -- no battlefields, no corridors of power -- yet its echoes for our imperial age are fierce (and often funny; we wince as we laugh). ... full review