The Elevator

ensemble theatre · cursed champagne productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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A young office worker, in the midst of her midday malaise, boards an elevator that continues up beyond the office to an enchanted and unknown land. There, she encounters mythical creatures, dastardly villains, and helping hands who show her whether or not the daily grind is what she’s meant to do.

Through a combination of improv and collaborative writing, Cursed Champagne Productions creates devised comedic videos and staged productions. The Elevator is an ensemble piece, which was collaboratively created for the Hollywood Fringe Festival by a team of eight actors, two writers, and one director.

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production team

U 97838 t 3471606

maggie gottlieb

U 98180 t 5046065

elizabeth williams

U 86112 t 5968381

julie pearson

U 98181 t 2987440

nick johnson

U 91881 t 5124513

paul meyd

U 98268 t 1702911

daisy o'donohue

U 79694 t 7710656

acquah dansoh *

U 98269 t 8599381

emily bell

U 98271 t 7803541

brigid kelley

U 98272 t 1269107

sean cooley

U 98270 t 7451271

josiah jenkins


* Fringe Veteran

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