Avital Ash Workshops Her Suicide Note (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Comedy · avital ash · Ages 15+ · United States of America

Content Warning Pay What You Can one person show
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ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer July 01, 2023
tagged as: A PLATINUM MEDAL!!!
Avital Ash takes us down the darkest of paths, shows us the worst of humanity, involved in despicable soul withering acts.... So how the hell does she keep us laughing throughout the whole thing? This show is utterly bizarre in its content and Ash is utterly breathtaking in her performance. A Platinum Medal.... full review
GENAH REDDING certified reviewer June 24, 2023
tagged as: humor · death · solo-show
You should not miss this show! I loved every minute of it.... full review
STEVE BUDD certified reviewer June 22, 2023
Absolutely loved this show. It's funny as hell and also incredibly moving. A must-see!... full review
CAROL BECKER certified reviewer June 22, 2023
Allow me to say that this is one performer and one show that is not afraid to GO THERE, STAY THERE, PLAY AROUND THERE, GET DIRTY THERE, BE UNCOMFORTABLE THERE, and FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL TO DO ABOUT IT, THERE! That's a shit-ton of "there," to deal with, but I can only marvel at the pure bravery it takes to turn a deeply personal and unimaginable tragedy into not only rip-roaring comedic gold, but also, deeply, captivating performance art! Ultimately, from my humble perspective, this solo show and Avital's form of storytelling are HEALING! Being able to witness the healing process during a fringe show is truly something to behold. ... full review
ISABELLA CHARLTON certified reviewer June 21, 2023
This is a fantastic show full of dark comedy and hilarious one liners. It also happens to be very poignant. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 21, 2023
Honestly, one of the best solo shows I’ve ever seen.... full review
ARAM PIRJANIAN certified reviewer June 20, 2023
Avital's show was truly funny, memorable, evocative, did I mention funny? I knew we were workshopping a suicide note, but wasn't prepared for roller coaster of emotions that came with the humor-dipped poignancy. Whatever stops we made into the abyss were carefully punctuated with quick - but not cheap - laughs on either side...a sadwich, as it were...which had you asking "Is she okay?" and answering "probably". 10/10 would see again. May she never finish. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 20, 2023
This was an incredibly compelling show, unlike anything I've ever seen before. Was moved to tears, and loudly laughed out loud within moments of each other. Very impressed with Avital's courage and bravery to share such intimate details of her life.... full review
GABRIEL ARELLANO certified reviewer June 19, 2023
I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the show. Despite the heavy subject matter, it was hilarious, heartfelt, and deeply personal. There wasn't a dull moment or any jokes that didn't land. The hour went by so fast, it felt as if only 15 minutes had passed.... full review
ADAM STEIN certified reviewer June 19, 2023
tagged as: life · joy · sad · death · hilarious · Comedy · funny
Amazing! Both hilarious and heartfelt. Avital effortlessly talks about serious issues while keeping the tone light and welcoming. Highly recommend! ... full review