Daddy Issues

Cabaret & Variety · troy matthew peterson productions · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

From the team behind the hit comedy revue PAPER CUTS comes another sketch show that’s just in time for Father’s Day. We all have dads…unless they’re missing…or emotionally distant…or we were conceived in a virgin birth. Wait, is society a kind of father if we live in a patriarchy? How about a self-defense instructor? Is Bill Gates my dad? Looks like fatherhood is a lot more complicated than we thought.

This 60 minute sketch comedy show is a wacky attempt to answer these questions of masculinity, parenting, and relationships through a madcap journey of hilarious talk shows, blind dates, and the latest musical from Lin Manuel Miranda . Come laugh and sing and ponder with a talented award-winning ensemble that includes the hottest young comedy talents of LA, Chicago, and certain parts of Colorado. After all, whether we’re a talk show host, a superhero, or even our Heavenly father, we all got DADDY ISSUES!

Parental Guidance advised. Features Mature Themes and some Language.

Production Team

lis dye *


troy peterson *


gabe valdez *


miles bryant *


ryder tam *


jasmine kojouri *


* Fringe Veteran