No Matter Watt: Silver

Cabaret & Variety · no matter watt · Ages 16+ · 50 mins · United States of America

world premiere

After a triumphant 2021 Fringe Festival debut, and an award-winning 2022 prequel, composer Gordon Stephen Matheson Jr’s whimsical and heartfelt cabaret musical “No Matter Watt” is back for the Silver Edition sequel. Shubop-du-bayhad, Annabelle Watthehell, Bumdinger Chasenipples and the rest are all living their best one-day-at-a-time lives, grateful for their sobriety, but also perhaps becoming just a little bit complacent.  It’s the age-old, and maybe the old-age question, “And Then What?” After you’ve seen the light, how do you keep the (Higher) Power on, facing life, loneliness or relapse? Do you look for heavenly signs, trust synchronicity, and have faith in inspiration and instincts? Does that flickering light bulb mean anything special, or that clock on 11:11? After “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Jagged Little Pill,” and “Rent,” does the world need another mental health musical? Well, with new NMW songs as catchy as hell, then hell, yes!

Posco has grown older. and Posco with his once so strong program of abstinence finds himself behind a relapse. Posco is in a Sea of Despair and Loneliness. He has been unable to connect with any type of Synchronicity or Hope. He was set back after much financial and prestigious Success blinded his vision of his true Success. Humility and Dreams ran away. Pride set in.


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Production Team

cat miggs 

unruly julie

kris reyes 

sue rendah (ensemble)

gordon stephen matheson jr *

producer/composer/ shubopdubayhad

douglas hartwell 

walpole dan (ensemble)

marcel licera 

production assistant /juan buzzon from tuscon

travis koplow 

our lady of perpetual disappointment

ronald elroy 

bumdinger chasenipples

linda alznauer 

annabelle watt the hell

* Fringe Veteran