Ben and George

Comedy · blue vanity productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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ASA AWE certified reviewer June 18, 2022
tagged as: talented · amazing
It was really good and every actor had attention from start to finish. You can see the passion behind the actors and why they made the choices that they did. As someone who loves theatre it’s really great to see the passion behind all the characters. And it highlights what it means to try to find someone to love you. And how the human brain can make you think something else and that other person doesn’t see you like that I connected with that and trying to lose yourself for them only for them to not like you. That hit home. ... full review
FRANK BUDA certified reviewer June 12, 2022
A well-written dark comedy. Very funny and scary at times. Lorne Stevenson's portrayal was the driving force of the show. However, both Jarad Gaxiola and Raphael Buenaventura's performances were excellent as well. ... full review
DAVID MACDOWELL BLUE certified reviewer June 20, 2022
I am a big fan of dark comedy, and Ben & George certainly counts as darker than most. Imagine if you will two men who meet under some really rough circumstances. They become, almost against all odds, become friends and eventual roommates. So far, so normal. But...there are the winged creatures stealing people. And the dog that may (or may not) talk. Then, there's the semi-psychopathic rage.... full review
JERRY CAMPISI certified reviewer June 20, 2022
tagged as: fun · thrilling
I really liked the dark theme here. It’s nice to see a creepy story every now and then, and this dark but also funny show had me entertained from start to finish. I liked to the use of the set with the doors, and the use of hallway outside dialogue. It felt like we were really in someone’s apartment. ... full review
CHARLOTTE GALBREATH certified reviewer June 18, 2022
tagged as: identity · lgbtq · friendship
Such an impressive show from beginning to end and I thoroughly enjoyed it. ... full review
LORELEI BUDA certified reviewer June 10, 2022
tagged as: Dark Comedy · funny · Comedy
Loved this show! Well written, witty and a good dark comedy. ... full review
CAROL BECKER certified reviewer June 09, 2022
I ADORE dark comedies that capitalize on over-the-top characters being pushed to the edge. This show DELIVERED and then some! I must applaud the writing which had me in stitches from the first few moments and kept me laughing out loud throughout the entirety of the piece!! The dialogue was sharp and not shy of "going there" - so if you get squeamish, GO ANYWAY and tell me you weren't roaring at times!... full review