Twirly's Traveling Tricks

solo performance · twirly the clown · Ages 0+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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CHRISTINE DEITNER certified reviewer June 08, 2019
A fantastic show that you must carve out the time for. Twirly is a treat, throwing us back to the best of clowning and vaudeville while keeping us on our toes. It's possible but unlikely that one performer and a pair of boots has engendered as much joy in a pack of humans in decades as you will find here. ... full review
MICAH COVER certified reviewer June 08, 2019
Haba kee tooo! Twirly is back, and this time, for the first time, she has an entire show dedicated solely to her - and Fringe is lucky to have her. Fellow Twirlyheads will enjoy familiar Fan Favorites - like her wildly impressive tap dancing, her hilarious attempts at animal balloons and her genuinely heartbreaking rendition of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile.” And she’s added things even I’ve never seen - her Grape Trick alone is worth the price of admission. But this is the first time old and new fans alike will really have a chance to enter Twirly’s World - 45 minutes of no-rules chaos where no word uttered makes sense and there is no Fourth Wall - the audience and even the tech crew all play roles - and each night will be a different show... full review
RAYMOND-KYM SUTTLE certified reviewer June 17, 2019
tagged as: quirky · surreal · clowning · dark humor · slapstick · tap · Comedy.
Quirky, surreal, unique. Possibly not everyone's cup of tea but I left smiling broadly.... full review
MATT KENNEDY certified reviewer June 28, 2019
tagged as: variety · clowns · comedy · singing · dance · one-woman show · quirky · whimsical
Tap dancing. Balloon animals. Unscheduled grapes. Twirly's Traveling Tricks is probably the last show I'll catch at this year's Fringe, and it was a great one to close out on. Benedict delivers a hilarious one-woman variety show in character as Twirly the itinerant undead clown, who is perfectly comfortable with tap numbers, singing, and other tricks, but struggles with more mundane tasks like coherent sentences or putting on shoes and hats. It's all delightfully surreal, and there's a bit of vulnerability in the performance that seems very on-brand for Fringe. If you get the opportunity to see her in the future, I'd definitely recommend.... full review
ERIK BLAIR certified reviewer June 29, 2019
tagged as: dark · spooky · funny · humorous · weird · clowns · creepy · perfectly strange
Dana Benedict has put together an incredible character with Twirly. Partly undead, partly a clown, partly a tap-dancer, Twirly is a twist on the classic clown idea that's absolutely wonderful. Wherever Twirly goes next, you should make sure you're there to see it. She's THAT good.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 10, 2019
tagged as: clowning · Horror · vaudeville · solo
Dana has created a truly original character; child-like, enthusiastic, and menacing in equal parts. She subverted clowning expectations and really engaged the audience in her intimate solo show. One gag, involving a pair of finicky shoes, had me in stitches.... full review
DAVID MARKLAND certified reviewer June 15, 2019
I was already familiar with Twirly the Clown: 45 minutes of Twirly the Clown. Which is really all I wanted, and that's exactly what was delivered. Pure, silly, sometimes manic, heart pleasing fun.... full review
JOCELYN GAJEWAY certified reviewer June 17, 2019
This was a riotous romp through the mind of a clown who shares the general sensibilities of a kindergartener on a sugar high, and every second was a delight! ... full review
CHAMBERS STEVENS certified reviewer June 18, 2019
tagged as: hilarious
Clowning is hard. Kind of impossible. We have all seen clowns that don't make us laugh. In fact most clowns don't make me laugh. Every once in a while you see a Bill Irwin or David Shiner. And then you remember how brilliant clowning can that brings me to 'Twirly's Traveling Tricks'. How should I start. Well first let me say I am glad there were no words spoken in the play. Because the audience was laughing so hard we would have never heard them. When is the last time you saw a show where the audience cheered? And cheered and cheered. Twirly is hard to describe but imagine you go to a friends house and he has a 2 year old daughter that decides to put on a show. You humor your friend. The kid does a couple of cute tricks. You clap a... full review