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musicals and operas · new musicals inc · Ages 10+ · family friendly · flashing lights · world premiere · 90 mins · United States of America

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“This is definitely one of the best musicals we have ever seen at Fringe.”
- Bob Leggett, Indie Voice Blog


Bullies. Nerds. Semi-functional robots. A schoolwide rebellion.

An all-ages musical adventure from the author of A Feast of Snacks (HFF 2016 nominee for Best Musical) and co-author of Super Sidekick: The Musical (award-winner at both Hollywood and NY Fringes). One of two musicals included in the 2018 ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop presided over by Stephen Schwartz. Developed with and produced by New Musicals Inc. and winner of their 2019 Search for New Musicals.


“I am delighted I checked this show out. With certainty I recommend The Bully Problem.”
- Mike Reyes,

“90 minutes flew by! Terrific show. Very enjoyable, with fun music and great talent and lots of energy!”

“Fantastic! This show was full of energy and exciting to watch! Beautifully written, choreographed, and executed. I loved everything about it!”

“This show was a lot of fun to watch! The energy of the show was fantastic. The actors really brought a lot of heart to their characters, and the message was relatable and full of hope. Great for kids to come see!”

“This is a must see musical! Refreshing, uplifting, and comical. Very entertaining from start to finish. I applaud the creator, the director, actors and all who took part in spreading this wonderful message.”

“This was a delightful show. Fun, well-paced, and impressively choreographed, with a good cast and and a story that clicked nicely and moved at a solid pace.”

“Loved the story line and that robot had such depth and great timing. I could totally see this coming to Broadway or Pantages.”

“Michael Shapiro’s musical is delightful and energetic. The cast is invigorated by Joanna Syiek’s precise and inventive direction and choreography. Jennifer Lin’s musical direction makes the wonderful score shine. There are many fantastic performances delivered by the cast, none more so than the work of Allie Costa and Jordan Mitchell-Love. Costa soars as both the adorkable love interest as well as the moral center of the show. Mitchell-Love’s gentle positivity and subtle humor as the artificial life form provides unexpected heart. This show has a great future.”

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production team

michael gordon shapiro *
book, music, and lyrics
joanna syiek *
jen lin *
music director
michael mullen *
costume design
mitchell webb *
scenic and props design
michael moretta 
assistant stage manager
adam foster ballard *
tip hopkins/purcell/mr. mason
melvin biteng 
reggie/lil' felon
josh hillinger *
casey hunter 
puncho/kyle/delivery person
malissa marlow 
elizabeth/slafpoc/fetterman/cover for katy
jayna sweet 
frankie zabilka 
jennifer dupre 
stage manager

* Fringe Veteran

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