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Start Swimming

ensemble theatre · indomitus theatre · Ages 15+ · flashing lights · 45 mins · Canada

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James Fritz’s critically acclaimed Start Swimming (premiered at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe) is an abstract, surrealistic play drenched in political upheaval that asks what power young people have to create change. In a room: there are five people with nothing to go on other than their instincts and their desire to live. Is it worth taking risks when a misstep can destroy all they’ve worked for? How do they fight the unseen powers, that manipulate their fear in an attempt to abuse control…all when the rules keep changing? Using Pavlovian consequences, Orwellian overtones, and theatre of cruelty style, this play questions authority, the definition of freedom, and explores the journey of resistance and revolution.

“From the first moment the actors move onto the stage, you’ll realize this is no ordinary play.”

“Beautifully choreographed with well timed movements, the cast commands the stage in a wonderful combination of rhythm and language.”

“What happens on stage is a pure and beautiful composition of abstraction.”

“It empowered me, and inspired me, not only as a fellow artist but as a human being.”

“I don’t think any description prepared me for what unfurled on the stage”

3rd Place winner of the Fringe’s 2019 Fashion runway costume contest

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production team

alexandra fiallos 
director and producer
carlos eduviges ramirez 
lighting designer
sharly kama 
costume designer
nathan graves 
stage manager
laurent sayer 
#19 (actor)
justice quinn 
#11 (actor)
matthew perelman 
assist. stage manager & head of crew
joey aquino 
#99 (actor)


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