Public Comment, a New Musical

musicals and operas · public comment productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere

“The City of Happymont is your typical small but growing city, and while the Happymont City Council tries to keep order and get business done, the Public, or at least those who participate in Public Comment, takes up the Council’s time with Conspiracy theories, rants, and musical numbers. The council tries to get rid of Public Comment but the Public won’t give it up without a fight. It all boils down to one man who has never spoken before giving the speech of his life and saving Public Comment.”

Production Team

austin gelfman *

executive producer, andrew alva

alexandra zepeda *

stage manager

jake cassman *

rabbi rabinowitz, frederick merriman, aaron raymer

emma lieberman *

rachel trudeau

juan hernandez *

narrator/fred parker, councilmember lemkowski

reatha grey *

councilmember malvern, producer

michael canetty *

councilmember anderson

donovan farwell *

city attorney

darell wilson *

matt withee

k.c. katsaros *

alan carter, richard jenkins, eddie bertram

jeremy zaugg *

alex ribauld, george rocquet

carla westlund *

elaine defalco, suzanne sunn (vo)

jessica rae duarte *

summer woods, amanda dillon

adam sartain *

executive producer, writer, mayor wilson

jocelyne watts *

executive producer, emily arthur, rachel trudeau (understudy)

melissa ocampo *

executive producer, rachel trudeau (understudy)

esin aydingoz *

music director/piano accompanist

kathy sue holtorf *

councilmember harolds, producer

* Fringe Veteran