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One More Chance · dean winkleson presents · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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MATTHEW MARTIN certified reviewer June 27, 2018
Hard to believe that this is Bisschop's first solo-show! This show, which I saw twice, is pretty freakin' amaze-balls! From the opening montage to the closing epilogue, this show doesn't stop making you laugh. For anyone that grew up in the 80's watching TV, this show is especially hilarious! Besides all that, Bisschop has created a very interesting character in a bizarre world. His all-seeing Eye is truly one of the best creations I've seen on stage and the sheer fact that he brings the Domino's Noid to life had me in tears. Both times! This show is truly a must see at this year's Fringe! I cannot wait to see what Bisschop brings to the stage next! Well done!!... full review
PEERADA MEEMALAYATH certified reviewer June 21, 2018
A hilarious one man show filled with great characters! ... full review
AYESHA SIDDIQUI certified reviewer June 19, 2018
tagged as: weird · hilarious · comedic · nostalgia
SO funny. I had no clue what to expect with this show and was delighted to be taken on such a zany, weird ride with so many characters and a lot of laughs. The writing is hilarious. Mitchell does great character work and has such comedic timing. I really enjoyed the entire show. It was Fringe done right!... full review
CARL HANSEN certified reviewer June 19, 2018
tagged as: one-man · one-man show · Absurdist · comedy · funny · weird · worth it
It was weird and worth it. Mitchell really embodied each character and took the audience on an unforgettably absurd, strange and hilarious journey.... full review
TRACY RAETZ certified reviewer June 18, 2018
tagged as: funny
This show was so goddamn funny. Mitchell is so talented and did an amazing job of writing and starring in this one man show. ... full review
STEVE CHANG certified reviewer June 14, 2018
This show blew my mind how good it was. I think Mitchell is a brilliant comedic writer and performer. I appreciated this show on many levels. This type of show is not easy to put together and turn from concept to execution, and he hit a home run out of the park. Everything was good about the show, and above all else it's very funny.... full review
GRADY WELCH certified reviewer June 12, 2018
SO FUNNY! Mitchell slips into so many hilarious characters. Really smart framework, too. Had me laughing and smiling the whole time!... full review
DAVID LUCARELLI certified reviewer June 12, 2018
A delightful absurdist comedy that simultaneously skewers the vapidly of modern celebrity, and our worship of corporate America all while doing a dead on parody of Citizen Kane.... full review
EDGAR SARMIENTO certified reviewer June 08, 2018
tagged as: hilarious · original · nostalgic
That the whole play was centered around the concept of the noid's scene... and that is okay!... full review
GARETT ROSS certified reviewer June 08, 2018
This one man show will have you rolling in the aisles with laughter. Mr. Bisshop plays several characters throughout his journey and we grow to love them. This performance is not one to miss. With appearances from some of your favorite tv commercial icons, this show envokes nostalgia and hilarity for the fast moving 45 minutes it exists. Go see it. Now. ... full review