Nakedheart: Rebel with a Voice

cabaret & variety · nakedheart productions · Ages 14+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

This passionate journey of a determined young Jazz Singer, who despite all odds, and a rare indescribable physical condition, finds the courage and spirit to reveal to the world what he really wants. With a cast of 8 colorful characters and a 4 piece band, this powerhouse play will be the wildest, and most entertaining look into the metamorphosis of a struggling artist finding his place in society.

production team

armen pogosyan *


mj garcia *

talent: "beatrice"

nicholas buda *

talent: "brad"

perris mccracken *

talent: "fairy queen áine"

daniel van dyke *

talent/tech: "rod"

faor deutsch *

producer/talent: "dr. sophia"

ben levin *


will alvarado *

musical director

geovani jelakaef *

lead guitarist

dakota cooke *

bearded lady king

matt mccarthy *

talent: "love muscle mugie"

glenson turner *

social media manager

natalie joseph *

talent: vocalist

guerman gaft *

talent: "cyrus michilidus"

christina jacquelyn calph *

talent "ella angelica"

mia hjelte *

talent: "beatrice"

* Fringe Veteran