Quantum Entanglement

ensemble theatre · lucid dramatics · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere



HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You don’t need to be a brilliant scientific genius to enjoy the show.” – Fringe Review

“Schiller’s gorgeous language gives this deeply personal work a solid heft…Fringe is good herald of voices to watch out for, and Schiller is definitely in that camp.” – No Proscenium

“A show that confounds and warms the heart simultaneously, Quantum Entanglement features an incredibly strong cast.” – My Haunt Life

“Quirky and Unique” – Stage Raw

“A fascinating piece mixing in the more romantic theories of quantum entanglement. This is not a “science” play, it’s a play focused on love, family and connection.” – Better Lemons

“If you love the unexpected and exciting aspect of Fringe, then this is the perfect show for you.” – Indie Voice Blog

SEE IT!” – See it or Skip it LA


GORGEOUS! A gigantic idea with oodles of complexity which boils down to simple, profound, and emotional truth.”

“A perfect fringe piece (and beyond).”

“Go, Go, GO! You will leave touched in ways that may only later quietly seep in to settle in your core.”

“An examination of a family relationship and how adult children can feel responsible for their parents – with fantastical elements. I left with tears in my eyes and a warm, cozy fire in my soul.”

“Katelyn Schiller is a performer that can only be described as relentless, in the most literal sense. She manages in a way that nobody else I’ve ever seen that borders on whiplash in how quickly she manages to switch between moods and feelings in her performance. She will shift something inside you. Go. Right goddamn now.”

“Incredible puppetry, and such a realistic portrayal of the aggravating, yet endearing tendencies of feline behavior! Very funny.”

“This is exactly the type of play I hope to to see when I come to fringe.”

“It has a magical essence that speaks a profound truth about love, family, and the joy and pain found in our deepest human connections.”

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT : The most romantic theory in physics.

“From this moment on, our entangled light, our lives, cannot be explained without the other.”

From the Fringe veterans who brought you the award winning Murder Blood Bear Story and How to be a Virgin (in 12 Morally Ambiguous Steps) comes a love story on the smallest scale imaginable. A miraculous journey of self discovery through cosmic light to illuminate the beauty of the dark, both in space and mind. A portrait of a nuclear family awakened by a fractured past. An astrophysicist looking to the moon to find his missing wife. A mother swallowed up by the dark. A daughter desperate to heal them both.

And an experiment to connect them all.
(Also there’s a cat.)

No science brain needed!
To respect our show-hopping patrons, venue, and fellow Fringe participant’s showtimes, we will start exactly on time and cannot honor late seating. Please plan accordingly.

Production Team

amy shine *

dramaturg, performer

katelyn schiller *

performer, playwright, producer

* Fringe Veteran