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A Feast of Snacks

musicals and operas · theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · family friendly · United States of America

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THERESA STROLL certified reviewer June 04, 2016
tagged as: hilarious · funny · music · musical · ensemble · chorus · choreography
If you enjoy being happy and feeling good, this show is a must see for you! It's absolutely delightful from start to finish. My only complaint is that the audience was laughing too loudly! Everyone in this cast is supremely talented and have found a lovely blend of both over-the-top comedy as well as subtle comedy. Thank you for such a fantastic show!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2016
A really funny and enjoyable show. I don't always go in for musicals, but this one had a voice (a group of voices) that really had me dancing in my seat.... full review
IAN FEDERGREEN certified reviewer June 15, 2016
This show is a big silly blast. I've seen various versions of these mini-musicals (and was even in one), but this production is probably definitive. I laughed a ton, even knowing what was coming. That's thanks to smart writing and an energetic, creative cast. Everyone gets a chance to shine, and every single line is played for all it's worth. Some neat choreography and fast-moving direction complete the picture. If you don't have fun at this show, you're kind of a jerk...... full review
BRANDA LOCK certified reviewer June 17, 2016
tagged as: musical comedy · comedy · hilarious · original
This is what fringe to me is all about, seeing a lot of short pieces that unexpectedly make you laugh until you cry and leave you thinking about certain everyday life situations differently.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2016
This show is a ton o' fun!!... full review
ANONYMOUS June 04, 2016
This show was a real treat. Four mini-musicals in the space of about in hour. Each one was hilarious, clever, well-written lyrically AND musically. The cast is also clearly having a lot of fun with the material (never has a blind man sitting idly been so funny). If you want to see a pirate show, a mini-golf show, a jury duty show AND a stalker-romance show while sitting in the same seat, this is the one. ... full review
KITTY KEIM certified reviewer June 06, 2016
Feast of Snacks is fun and definitely worth seeing. The shows are well-written, the cast is delightful, and the songs are catchy. Musicals are generally not my genre, but these musicals never take themselves too seriously and instead fully embrace their absurd subject matter. As per usual, Theatre Unleashed produces great work.... full review
RICHARD ABRAHAM certified reviewer June 07, 2016
Verrrry fun. Musical sketches infused with whimsical choreography and an infectious energy that can only make you feel good and smile as you leave the theater. ... full review
MIKE RIZZO June 12, 2016
Amazing mini-musicals -- funny, irreverent and each one very different! Go see this production!!!!!... full review
BOB LEGGETT indie voice blog June 13, 2016
Sure-fire winner of best musical - this is epic entertainment. Don't miss it!... full review

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