The Gentrification Cycle

ensemble theatre · samovar subway ensemble · United States of America

world premiere

The Gentrification Cycle is a production of 2 plays by New York playwright, G.D. Kimble. An ensemble cast performs the west coast premiere of “Jen Tries Vacation” and the world premiere of “Locomotive Repair in Three Easy Steps.” In “Jen Tries Vacation” there are limits to communication. Jen and Finn wander into a magical landscape that tests their patience, their values, and their sanity. But have they landed on the other side of the universe, or just the other side of the tracks? “Locomotive Repair in Three Easy Steps” asks “What if Chekhov wrote one more short, morphine and vodka fueled act of ‘The Three Sisters’?” We rediscover the Prozorov sisters in much the same place as we left them, though a bit more broken than before. The glue of ennui has started to slip. But whether they like it or not, things are finally going to change…

Production Team

g.d. kimble *


brian wallace *

finn and blueprint

james ferrero *

sound designer

adam tomei *


erica criddle *

stage manager

brad harris *

assistant director/set designer

allison youngberg *

producer and jen

dane oliver *

fight choreographer

brandon baruch *

lighting designer

cali fleming *

hair and makeup designer

* Fringe Veteran