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GREGORY CRAFTS certified reviewer June 06, 2015
tagged as: dance · physical theatre · movement
One of the best pieces of physical theatre I've ever seen (and the first time I've actually "gotten" the story being told in a dance piece - a real achievement). This athletic trio speaks volumes while barely uttering a syllable ("Dobkins!"). Absolutely enchanting and engaging. Do not miss this show. ... full review
STEVE KELLEY certified reviewer June 06, 2015
tagged as: performance art · athletic · humor · drama
This creative athletic trio explores what can happen when the clockwork, "Groundhog Day" of daily living goes awry. With barely a word spoken, the trio illustrates how people can weather, literally and figuratively, life's adversities. The multifaceted, life-affirming performance tackles a variety of themes. In the end, camaraderie and the human spirit prevail. Fun for the whole family.... full review
JOSEY MONTANA MCCOY certified reviewer June 12, 2015
tagged as: Wonderful · Fantastic · superb · hilarious · precise
The precision, timing, and connections that these three actors share is impeccable. Their amazing performances help not only draw you into their world, but also perfectly illustrate their intentions while communicating with one another. I was with them from start to finish - story and character! Thanks, guys!... full review
JENNY MARLOWE certified reviewer June 11, 2015
This show is gloriously haunted by the ghost of Samuel Beckett. It's part pure clowning, part vaudevillian musical comedy, part Biomechanical etude -- but it transcends those forms to delve into character and story in a way that much physical theater doesn't manage. The influences and touchstones here are clear -- not just Beckett, but Le Coq, Grotowski, Decroux, Charlie Chaplin... But this is so much more than just an exercise. There is an almost overwhelming pathos in the three characters onstage -- you feel for each of them deeply. The entire audience was laughing hysterically throughout the first three-quarters of the show -- but by the end, I was closer to tears than laughter. I also have to commend the three performers themselves -- th... full review
BREN COOMBS certified reviewer June 21, 2015
Thus far, this is my favorite of the shows I've see at this year's Fringe. Physical comedy is hard, and most fall short, however 8:03 delivers with a hilarious display that hits the mark every time. The show is well-paced, well-staged, and hilarious, with excellent lighting and sound design that effectively heightens the comedy and advances the story. The three actors, while varied in style, are fully committed, and equally convincing, bringing forth distinct personalities to the characters, despite the fact that they collectively only ever utter a single made up word, saying it no more than a dozen times through the entire show. The most impressive feat of this show, for me, is the fact that there is no director, yet this is the best... full review
FRANCISCO BRACHO certified reviewer June 06, 2015
tagged as: Physical Theater · dada
Devo opens a bakery after an apprenticeship with Lucille Ball. Physical theater with no dialogue in a Dadaist exploration of the daily grind. Three Stooges and three musketeers. Don't sleep past 8:03 "Dobkins!"... full review
AILI JAY certified reviewer June 12, 2015
These three guys are on to something... This show was such a fun experience that had me laughing, thinking, and fully engaged. The use of space was fantastic and they created this great little world that invited the audience in. The physicality of it all had such clarity that made the show very sharp and filled the hour well. Everyone of these actors were so great with subtle expressions as well! A+... full review
HEATHER ANN GOTTLIEB certified reviewer June 14, 2015
Wonderful show! Three actors take the audience on quite the ride. All physical comedy, movement, repetition - the perfect Fringe show! Highly recommend this!... full review
CHRISTINE ROUX certified reviewer June 15, 2015
A MUST SEE SHOW from the Fringe this year! This performance is just as much inspiring as it is entertaining. You will find yourself laughing out loud at these characters one minute, and then feeling the strongest desire to join and help them the next. With only uttering one word this entire show, these three actors manage to speak to you and touch your heart in a way that a thousand words could never grasp. Do not miss your chance to see this wildly entertaining, touching, creative, and inspiring show! It will keep you thinking and smiling well after you've left your seat!... full review
JESSIE PROKSA certified reviewer June 16, 2015
8:03 is a thoroughly entertaining, suspensfull, poetic,funny,and poignant commentary on modern day society and our over reliance on technology. But because of the abstract nature of this performance and the fact that there is no dialogue there is plenty of room for interpretation. I enjoyed watching the evolution of these characters as they struggled to maintain control in the face of the absurd and ridiculous. I also appreciated their lighthearted approach to portraying the struggle of humanity!... full review