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The Devil You Say

ensemble theatre · robin walsh, kila packett, adrian rose leonard, jen simone · Ages 14+ · United States of America

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ABBY SCHACHNER certified reviewer June 11, 2015
i found her puppets mesmerizing... and the devil's ruby eyes, boney fingers and lanky body were quite alluring from my front row seat. watching this piece kind of made me wish i could see robin and all her loveliness talk (she's hidden, nor does she speak), but apparently, that may be in the works for her next show which excites me. All in all, if you're into puppetry and seeing a master craftsman at work, you know where the devil is. ... full review
MICHAEL SHAW FISHER certified reviewer June 12, 2015
Sit in the front row for this one. It's an intimate experience and easily the most philosophical "one man" puppet show you will ever see in your life. As a master artist/puppeteer, Robin Walsh brings her talents to the surface with this patient exploration of the very gentile Prince of Darkness. As she indulges Lucifer, giving him time to pontificate and postulate, the audience falls into a dreamlike trance where Satan becomes a sort of Zen life coach of the Dark Side, and like most devils do in fiction, makes a case for himself as the ultimate humanist. It's a transportive experience to a world entirely unique and meticulously concieved. Christopher Marlowe would be proud!... full review
S. CLAUS certified reviewer June 09, 2015
In complete defiance of Baudelaire, Old Scratch spends a good hour convincing us he DOES exist in "The Devil You Say," and both he and master puppeteer Robin Walsh do a "damned" fine job of it in Walsh's captivating show. It's a shame every performance can't be accompanied by the hellish weather LA had today--raining and overcast but bloody hot--the gloom fit the piece perfectly. Walsh and a company of assistants (in particular pitch-perfect Kila Packett as Satan's voice) delivered a strong, confident hour that began with an amusing Punch And Judy routine, wandered through several thought-provoking soliloquies on the topic of devilry by great writers of history, and ended with a sincere salutation from His Dark Majesty. But our host fo... full review
ERSILIA POMPILIO certified reviewer June 11, 2015
Devils are always so captivating.... and so was this one especially his ruby eyes that mesmerized! Punch and the devil opened the show.... clobbering each other... which was fun and my inner adult child rather enjoyed this.... and then the boss lucifer himself comes out as a beautifully crafted puppet... and he started out with bible verses... and what seemed to be his life story narrated by an off stage narrator.... somewhere I got lost and could no longer follow the story and didn't understand where it was going..... and only having the Devil on stage made my mind wander to other things..... Personally I felt this piece could be darker... and perhaps was a little too vanilla.... I came out really liking lucifer... and thought that he wa... full review
MIKE DOWLING June 19, 2015
I wish I had sat in the front row for this one. Robin Walsh plays the devil... and the devil is a puppet... and it's awesome. After about 3 minutes I found myself not paying attention to Robin the puppeteer and only looking at the devil himself and his red eyes. This is somehow a fully realized character, who speaks, moves and even plays the violin on stage. All while giving his thoughts about himself, humanity and our many flaws as a species. Kila Packett is fantastic as the voice of the devil. The word that comes to mind for his voice is "descriptive". Tones go up and down depending on the scene and he is a clearly talented voice actor. I'm glad that shows like this exist. This isn't "normal" theater. This is different from just about any... full review
HEATHER DOWLING certified reviewer June 19, 2015
tagged as: captivating · original · storytelling
I really didn't have any idea what to expect from "a one act puppet soliloquy..." but what I got was one of the most captivating evenings of storytelling I've ever seen! Puppeteer, Robin Walsh, brings The Devil to life with such precision you become mesmerized by "his" performance. And Kila Packett, The Voice, wove such a rich and powerful tale with his lovely timbre. I found myself hanging on every word, for every moment. The selected writings for this show were riveting, and completely engaging. Cheers to violinist, Jen Simone, for the beautiful soundtrack. And, to Adrian Rose Leonard, you are a worthy, worthy Minion! ... full review
JIM MARTYKA June 10, 2015
As someone without a lot of experience seeing puppetry, I was absolutely hooked. Gorgeous puppetry work, a great voice and some wonderful tricks and treats back-dropped by a compelling diatribe on, perhaps, the NEED for Satan in our lives. Loved the show!... full review
JIM BLANCHETTE June 10, 2015
tagged as: theatrical · puppetry
This was a very inventive telling of the Devil's side of things. Robin Walsh's puppetry was beautifully performed and Kila, as the voice of the Devil, was mesmerizing. I enjoyed it very much. I found the pacing a little slow, but that may have been a factor of puppetry, which I am woefully unqualified to comment on so take that comment with a grain of salt. I loved when Satan physically interacted with the audience and wanted more of it. Overall a very theatrical event. ... full review
GINA VIOLA certified reviewer June 10, 2015
Funny, clever, insightful and delightful. Go be entertained by Lucifer and the AMAZING crew that brings him to life!... full review
BREN COOMBS June 13, 2015
The set design and puppets are done well, the puppet movements are beautifully executed, the lights and effects are impactful, and the narration is enticing. However, even with all these elements drawing you in, the story is lacking and I found myself bored. I felt merely entranced by the atmosphere rather than the story itself, which is a shame because the production value is so high. ... full review

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