The Devil You Say

ensemble theatre · robin walsh, kila packett, adrian rose leonard, jen simone · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Bloody wars, violent revolts, man made and natural disasters, cries of Armageddon. Be it the 15th, 18th or our own 21st century, such a religiously and politically charged landscape provides the perfect backdrop for the ongoing question: Who bears the responsibility – God? Satan? Someone else?
In The Devil You Say Old Nick takes the stage, in person, to mount his defense – and to prove who is really to blame. All using words and sayings attributed to him by History’s greatest writers: Goethe, Marlowe, Byron, Punch & Judy.
The Devil You Say is a one-act puppet soliloquy, directed and performed by Robin Walsh and Adrian Rose Leonard. Jen Simone is the violinst and Kila Packett is the Voice of the Devil.

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