RSVP: RIP (Really Into Partying)

solo performance · angry alice · Ages 17+ · United States

one person show world premiere
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KIMBERLY FOX certified reviewer June 23, 2014
tagged as: rock & roll · funny
Go. This is some high class stuff for Fringe (real directing, acting and mad musical skills) and we totally loved the show. Funny, smart and extremely well done. And so SO delicious that we're all sitting in a theater on Hollywood Boulevard, laughing our asses off about how stressful it is to try and figure out how to get famous--FAST. (...yeah, it sucks when your parents don't pay for head shots and give you a frickin' BIKE instead…) ... full review
MARCUS WELLS certified reviewer June 24, 2014
Going into this show I didn't know what to expect with no prior knowledge about the plot or it's ratings and I was pleasantly surprised. The story is about 27 year old Janey who takes a "buzzfeed" quiz that predicts her death which brings the sudden realization to Janey that she isn't famous enough to die which might be the most relatable thing I've ever heard. This one-woman rock musical is so simple yet fabulous. The music was great which I did not expect really. It was witty and simple and memorable as later through the night I founds her songs stuck in my head. The lighting was straightforward which as basic as that sounds can a lot of times he lacking in a show. The theatre was bigger than most and had and a bar right at the entrance... full review
CARMEN ANGELICA certified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: funny · musical · Dark Comedy · hollywood
RSVP: RIP (Really Into Partying) is a comedy that touches on the darker side of fame mongering in today's society. The show follows a girl who goes about looking for fame in all the worst ways. And to top it off it's a musical, with truly talented musical performances. Funny, and full of scathing truths I know I've come to deal with in Hollywood, this show was a strong piece of theatre.... full review
PETE ZIAS certified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: funny · smart · twisted · musical
RSVP: RIP is twisted and hilarious just how I like it! Katie Molinaro serves it! Get into it! ... full review
JON ARMSTRONG certified reviewer June 08, 2014
A very original and engaging performance. I enjoyed this and think you would as well. ... full review
ERIC CIRE certified reviewer June 23, 2014
Two years ago at Fringe I saw Katie Molinaro perform a piece from her show "On The Rag To Ritches" and loved it enough that I've wanted to see a full set ever since, but have always managed to miss the opportunity. I finally managed to correct that by seeing RSVP: RIP tonight and can honestly say it was worth the wait. Despite a fairly light crowd, Molinaro performed like the entirety of Los Angeles was crowding the room, completely giving a 100% performance over to every single member of the audience. The songs are fun and funny and Dana Wells does a great job keeping the pace as a one-woman band, but they of course act as performance pieces for Molinaro, and she uses them very effectively as such. All in all, the show never lets down for... full review
MARK SCHROEDER certified reviewer June 09, 2014
This show is a funny, brutal and scathing look at the world of social media and celebrity obsession. With plenty of biting satire and tongue-in-cheek commentary, 'RIP (Really Into Partying)' offers an unflinching and macabre glimpse at our rapidly-diminishing sense of self amidst a world of likes, shares and retweets. This ambitious production hits most of the right notes in its execution and you'll likely leave the theatre hating Janey. But that's probably the point. ... full review
DOMINIK KRZANOWSKI certified reviewer June 24, 2014
tagged as: Hot · sweaty · fun. clever · honest · relatable
I sat in the theatre contemplating what awaited me. I wondered if the music would be good, I wondered if Katie Molinaro was able to carry this show, and if I'd like the show. Well I loved the show. The music is fantastic. I forgot that it was all written for the show. It seemed too good. Katie is fantastic, she's believable, and was able to convincingly play a shallow minded, fame seeking internet celebrity wanna be. A very relatable character. Katie carried the show to the end accompanied by Dana's great music score. RSVP: RIP (Really into partying) is a very well written, witty show with great music, a fun story and a hot and sweaty Katie Molinaro. What more could you want.... full review
AL RAHN certified reviewer June 24, 2014
Katie Molinaro is a stand-out performer in "RSVP: RIP", bringing cleverness, comedy, and relatability to a character who would otherwise be so easy to hate. The music was fitting (if a little 'dated' - kind of an Avril Lavigne pop-punk thang), Molinaro & guitarist Dana Wells work great together, and Molinaro has great intonation (#choirnerd). A funny and original concept about the nature of "living the Hollywood dream" may leave non-Angelenos feeling a bit out-of-the-joke, but the scathing commentary on our social media-dominated culture was spot on. May this unique creative team continue to do great work! (P.S. Would love to see this show with a full rock combo!)... full review
JESSIE ALTAMIRANO certified reviewer June 09, 2014
RSVP: RIP is a very good show. It was well written and well thought out show. Katie Molinaro has a beautiful voice and her high energy performance is captivating. ... full review