God of Abraham

ensemble theatre · the theatricians · Ages 14+ · United States

world premiere
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AMANDA LORBER certified reviewer June 14, 2014
I'm prepping now for my second of many viewings for "God of Abraham." Going into it, I wasn't sure what to expect, and the show managed to blow me away! I was amongst a sold-out audience in its preview, and I can't wait to experience it again. The unique combination of theatrical technique, excellent lighting and sound design, and engaging material (not for the faint of heart or Catholics) made GOA a can't-miss experience. You will laugh uncomfortably, gasp in shock and awe, and smile with genuine pleasure. The only thing you will not experience is regret. GO SEE THIS SHOW!... full review
KRISTIN MILES PALMER certified reviewer June 09, 2014
tagged as: #godofabraham
Leave all expectations at the door. Brought to life by an enormously talented cast, God of Abraham takes you on a journey through the religious world and explores the very nature of Faith. This show is delightfully charming, provocative, and so satisfyingly silly. I even left with a little “souvenir” from one of the stars of the show! I don’t want to give too much away, because there is so much to be surprised by in this show, but I will say that this is definitely a must see for Fringe 2014. ... full review
JAMIE MIKELICH certified reviewer June 09, 2014
tagged as: Critique · commentary · hilarious · fun · funny
Such an incredibly fun and smart critique on religion and just absolutely, ridiculously hilarious!! Definitely reccomend it!... full review
R S certified reviewer June 11, 2014
tagged as: comedy · sketch · religion · faith · God · hilarious
Two words: GAY MOSES. Seriously, check this show out!... full review
JESSIE SHERMAN certified reviewer June 11, 2014
Do NOT miss this hilarious and thought provoking show! My mind was blown by the incredible and diverse talent of the cast as well as the originality of the material. I would highly recommend this show to anyone and everyone!... full review
CARIN AGIMAN certified reviewer June 11, 2014
This raucous show is captivating---multiple segments each have their own feel, each containing a mix of televangelism, self-help, and enough 70's nostalgia to seem eerily familiar. Definitely worth seeing!!... full review
DALIYA KARNOFSKY certified reviewer June 13, 2014
This show was hilarious, compelling, fast-paced, and terrific. I loved the content and the writing but the acting was truly stand-out. Everyone from a confusingly handsome Jesus to a confusingly sexually tense and attractive Scientology pair. I didn't stop laughing, except for when they nailed me with something truthful and stunning. It went by so fast I wasn't ready for it to be over. I'll probably see it again. You should probably join me.... full review
DAVID LOVE certified reviewer June 15, 2014
As the son of a Judaica teacher with more religious hangups than there are commandments in The Torah, I found God of Abraham to seamlessly alternate between hysterically funny, breathtakingly beautiful, surprisingly poignant, and absolutely terrifying. I intentionally stayed away from reviews and synopses, and I'm glad I did. Nothing could have prepared me for such a unique theatrical experience. The only way I could describe God of Abraham would be by trying to imagine David Lynch directing an episode of South Park. If you could chuckle at a writing credit by YHWY, then this is the play for you. And if you can't, well, there's also a magic act by a gay Moses. Thou Shalt See This Play!... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Although not my cup of tea, the show is interesting in a WTF kind of way. Alex Knox is brilliant, but this show will definitely leave you scratching your head. Check out the full review on Examiner.com.... full review
ASHLEY STEED certified reviewer June 17, 2014
When I opened my press packet and saw a headshot of Jesus, I knew I was in for comically blasphemous night. As the title suggests, this series of sketches explores the faith behind Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Now that’s a huge topic, which is why some of the sketches work better than others. The evening is framed as a 1975 Human Improvement Conference, with an opening by Dr. Doug Delante (Brennan Kelleher) welcoming us to the conference and the future of science. Then immediately after is a stunning retelling of Abraham and Isaac with silent puppets and live musical underscoring. There’s also a dancing Jesus, a Muhammad chase scene, and a Moses magic show. Sketches are also interspersed with a Scientology assessment (which feels like... full review