ensemble theatre · buried moon productions · Ages 14+ · United States

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BOB LEGGETT examiner.com certified reviewer June 22, 2013
I wasn't sure what to expect from this show. Considering its subject matter - the struggle with poor self-image caused by a proliferation of media about the "perfect" body - the cast delivered its message in startling clarity. This is raw theater, unpolished, yet powerful and profound in its message. You cannot help but be changed by this performance. Definitely check it out - but only if you want the truth, not the media hype.... full review
CINDY MARIE JENKINS certified reviewer June 23, 2013
I saw this purely based on the "Oreo" monologue they presented during the Cabaret. What a surprise! Some parts were better than others, mostly based on sound levels, but they had me in tears with one character's journey near the beginning. This troupe is one I want to keep on my radar for their brutal inner workings and bravery of theme. It certainly didn't touch everyone as deeply as me, but everyone should know this is how society and our actions/ marketing affects people's mental/physical health.... full review
KEVIN DELIN certified reviewer June 29, 2013
Despite the production’s unevenness and meandering storytelling, MisShapen might be worth a look. The cast’s enthusiasm is undeniable and many of the show’s individual pieces work well and deserve an audience. I’m hoping the artists will be able to reshape this material and elevate it to the bar set by their magnificent finale which will not soon be forgotten. Full review at Bitter Lemons: http://losangeles.bitter-lemons.com/2013/06/29/fringe-review-misshapen/... full review