Vivian Vance Alive and Well Running Chinese Take-out

Musicals & Operas · kick boom theater · Ages 12+ · 90 mins · United States of America

Pay What You Can

A new musical fantasy from the creative team behind Housewife ‘52 and Scarlett Fever. A whimsical and poignant exploration of fame, identity, and our unique obsession with television. Religion and trivia collide as the truth behind Viv’s “death” is revealed and a second coming is at hand.

Vivian Vance felt so associated with the character of Ethel Mertz from the famed I Love Lucy, that she faked her own death to see what life was like without Ethel. When her secret is revealed, the world is now waiting for Viv to open one final door.

Vivian Vance Alive and Well Running Chinese Take-out by John Wuchte was conceived in 1987. A production in New York City was mounted in 1994. 30 years later it has reappeared as a full musical with 8 new songs by the team of John Wuchte and Michael Teoli.




“The cast is perfection in vocal prowess, dance moves and characterization. Wuchte announced at the show’s conclusion that the piece had been in the works for years and there were about 100 hours of rehearsal required. It’s easy to see that it all paid off. To paraphrase Velma Kelly, “they do it in perfect unison”. Housewife ‘52 is sure to be among the top shows of Fringe, probably of the year. Don’t miss it!”
Rob Stevens/

“John Wuchte and his Kick Boom Theater ensemble take musical theater and dance to a new level, offering a combination of incredibly intricate and perfectly executed movement choreography performed by 7 brilliantly talented performers, all set to soul tingling music performed by four musicians. I adored everything about this World Premiere production and plan to see it again! Do not MISS it”
Shari Barrett/Broadway World



“As good and magical as it gets.” Christine Deitner/

“The kind of experience one hopes for in a Fringe outing.” Michael van Duzer/

“Innovative and totallly entertaining.” Shari Barrett/

“A unique and well-polished work of physical theatre.” Nikki Muller/

“It’s a quiet yet ferocious piece that bringes the physical together with vocal…without ever seeming forced.” Christine Deitner/

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