MAY 2024

Pre-Show Speeches at HFF24

It’s almost tech time; let’s talk pre-show speeches for Hollywood Fringe! 

Remember, your show is part of a larger festival community, so it is essential to make audiences aware of this so that your collective audiences grow. We have also included a land acknowledgment as part of a county-wide cultural policy development. You can learn more about the Hollywood Fringe Festival land acknowledgment here

Your venue may already have your pre-show speech covered – if unsure, please contact your venue directly. 

If you would like to use the standard Hollywood Fringe pre-show speech. Download HHF’s Pre-Show Speech here in mp3 or wav here! 

If you would like to make your own, you are more than welcome to. We ask that you include the following bullet points (you are brilliant creatives; we trust you to make these points your own while keeping the integrity of the message intact). Here is a link to free audio software – it’s super user-friendly (& not a sponsor)! 

- A land acknowledgment (feel free to use ours if you don’t already have one: The Hollywood Fringe acknowledges that we are on the unceded lands of the Tongva, Kizh, Gabrielinos, and Gabrieleños. Our statement serves as a practice as we commit to furthering our connection to the Indigenous communities past, present, and emerging.)

- Welcome to the 2024 Hollywood Fringe Festival! We are excited to be part of the 14th annual festival in the heart of Hollywood; we are one of hundreds of shows playing now through June 30th! After this performance, discover more shows and buy tickets at www.hollywoodfringe.org for more info!

- Visit Fringe Central – open every Wednesday-Sunday at the Ovation Center on Hollywood + Highland to connect with artists, check out a free cabaret, or get help navigating the festival at the Fringe Box Office.

- Don’t forget to leave a review! 

- When the show is over, please make a swift exit – lots of shows play back-to-back at Fringe! 

- Don’t forget to turn off those cell phones and clock that you see where your emergency exits are (your venue might require you to use specific language here). 


If you already have a pre-show speech recorded that also includes a land acknowledgment, here is a post-show speech you can include to make your show part of the great Fringe ecosystem. Help each other build larger audiences! Download HFF’s optional Post-Show Speech in mp3 or wav here! 


If you have any issues or questions with the above, please contact [email protected], and we will gladly discuss any specific issues and allow for alterations when appropriate on a show-by-show basis.