APR 2024

Our Guide to Choosing Your Show Category

The Hollywood Fringe’s Handy Guide to Choosing Your Category

The Hollywood Fringe would never try to put a label on you, the artist. You are free to be. But your show? You’ve gotta categorize that, and we’re here to help. You can register your show in any category you wish, but try to match what area best represents your show! 

Solo Show- Yep, we are starting with an easy one. Its a show… with one person. It can be comedy, tragedy, a Ted talk, thirty-five minutes of whistling the entire HMS Pinafore… the point is there is ONE PERSON. If your show is a one person show that is also a comedy or musical consider choosing another category! 

Two Person Show- Same as above, only with a friend!

Comedy- So say you have more than one or two people. Like a group of people. And y’all are funny. Really funny. And the script is too! People are laughing their dang ol’ heads off. This is where you go!

Sure, there are some funny elements in your show, because life is funny, and theatre is life. This is your general category for ensemble theatre (three or more actors) that does not fall into any more niche box. 

Musicals and Operas- You are in any of the above BUT sometime just saying the words isn’t enough. You just gotta sing! (a lot) And maybe play an instrument or two! This is the moment… you can register for the Fringe!

Dance and Physical Theatre- Your show is movement based! Whether you are tango-ing, tap dancing or tumbling, the storytelling performance is all about getting physical. This category is not all just dance-based but also includes any storytelling done primarily through movement based work.

Cabaret and Variety-  Maybe you have all these cool elements like music, songs, dances, poetry readings, puppets, etc. and you are putting all of them together in some sort of review. And you maybe have a dope ass master of ceremonies or MC running the whole thing. And maybe you’re in a different kind of space like a bar or restaurant. Well, old chum, this is the category for you!

Immersive and Games- Go ahead! Break that fourth wall! You love the outdoors so go perform a murder mystery in the outdoors! Or Pinter at your old high school. Or Shakespeare in the back of a van. Or maybe you want to use a traditional theater but you want to remove the “stage” and immerse the audience within the performance itself. 

Events and Workshops- Want to give a lecture on climate change? Or teach a class on directing for the stage? Or throw a dance party? This is also where you will find many of the Fringe-sponsored activities! Note these events are not on the awards ballot.