The Sentence

Two Person Show · ainsley ferrell & hannah moore · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

The Sentence is written, directed, and performed by USC freshmen Ainsley Ferrell and Hannah Moore. Over the past year, they have developed this dark comedy from a few scribbled notes and dialogue ideas to a hilarious and heartbreaking play. The Sentence follows two women, a man, and the lives they can live after his death. When best friends Joanna and Morrey are taken into custody for the suspected murder of Joanna’s husband, they discover a new form of ironic independence in their secluded jail cell. One of the women undeniably killed him, but which one? In the beginning, neither Joanna, Morrey, or the audience know who the murderer is. By the end, will anyone know for sure? The Sentence explores the depths of growing up too fast, the ups and downs of friendship, and just how far women are forced to go to earn their desired freedom.

Production Team

hannah moore *

co-director, co-writer, co-producer, actor

ainsley ferrell *

co-director, co-writer, co-producer, actor

devin harris *

stage manager

* Fringe Veteran