Dime Store Detective Stories

theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

Winner of the 2023 Encore! Producers Award

Theatre Unleashed presents a late-night series of original mysteries and thrillers, told in the style of serialized weekly dime-store pulp magazines!


Rick Diamond and the Secret of the Green Covenant

by Gregory Crafts

A mysterious package arrives on Valerie’s doorstep. Inside, a strange hand-carved idol bearing the visage of some unsettling inhuman… thing. What is this strange idol? Where did it come from? And why is she suddenly being followed? There’s only one person who can help her: Rick Diamond, a P.I. with a penchant for the strange and mysterious… and a few dark secrets of his own.

Marlowe, Marlot & Mahrloh

by Jaime Robledo

A byzantine mystery on both sides of the border with twists and turns, bullets and broads, and everything you could ever want in four serialized ten minute episodes.

The Second Good Bye

by Joe Luis Cedillo

(starting June 10th)

All Private Eye Free Fernandez wants out of life is for once to be the guy that gets the money and the hot gal, Luna Luna. To win her heart, he’d have to overcome her sadistic boyfriend, evade the crosshairs of her violent crime boss, and possibly go against his own blood – too much trouble for his liking. But when a gangland double-cross goes wrong and the bodies start to fall, Free is forced to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, puppets and puppet masters, or risk losing everything he cares about. Because when shit jumps off in the City of Angels, it only takes one wrong move to end up under a white sheet.

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Production Team

Rick Diamond and The Secret of the Green Covenant

nicole ohara  *

valerie van leeuwen (ep. 1-3)

ryan wargnier *

rick diamond, p.i.

ryan del papa *

the young man

jim barkley *

night clerk (ep. 2)

julie amuedo *

understudy (ep. 4)

Marlowe, Marlot and Mahrloh

ben rock *


sean faye *

philip marlowe (1973)

tim kopacz *

philip marlowe (1937)

david payton *

philip marlowe

isaac cruz *

nestor garcia

colin willkie *

colin willike

richard levinson *

richard levinson

The Second Good Bye

* Fringe Veteran