Dance & Physical Theatre · flamencodanza aylin bayaz · Ages 12+ · Spain

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ERNEST KEARNEY thetvolution.com certified reviewer June 18, 2023
tagged as: A PLATINUM MEDAL!!!
Amazing talents.... A Platinum Medal.... full review
ERIN CARERE certified reviewer June 17, 2023
tagged as: best · dance · international · flamenco
An absolutely mesmerizing show! Passionate, beautiful, brilliant.... full review
HANS JEFFERSON uncertified reviewer June 11, 2023
tagged as: Beautiful · mesmerizing
Raul Mannola and Aylin Bayaz have created an emotional and captivating show that should not be missed. The intimate stage (at the Hudson) does a pretty good job of creating an atmosphere of a Spanish "tablao flamenco." Mannola is a master guitarist and Bayaz gives a passionate, crisp, and exciting dance performance. This has been my favorite show of the fringe this year.... full review
ADAM LAZARRE-WHITE certified reviewer June 11, 2023
tagged as: inspiring. · musical · Beautiful · exciting
It was simply incredible! The dancer was an absolute artist, skilled, charismatic, beautiful and dynamic. The guitar player was masterful, relaxed, and alternating between, featuring his playing, when the dancer was off stage, and perfectly complimenting her, in synch with her, both leading her and following her, when she dramatically appeared on stage, for each piece. She was inspiring. Her feet not only were beautiful to watch, not only acted as the “drums” to her partner’s guitar, but they seemed to bring us back in time, to the roots of the music, the roots of the language, the roots of the culture. You could not take your eyes off her. It was also just the right length of time for the experience, musically, visually, culturally exc... full review
DAVID GARVOILLE certified reviewer June 10, 2023
Aylin Bayaz danced the flamenco with poetic grandeur. At times she reminded me of a whirling dervish. She would spin and twirl her body, forcing the fabric of her dress or a scarf to rise up and twist, make mesmerizing shapes. Her twirling was lit up like a fire under the bright rose gold stage lights. Her hands and fingers would punctuate the end of a twirl with a twisting curlicue motion, as if they were blowing in an Andalusian wind. Raul Mannola -- wow! He is amazing. Love! I know how to strum a guitar and make a few chords. This guy's playing is just mind boggling! I kept wondering how can remember so many notes, such intricate fingering. Get a sneak peak here: https://youtu.be/de3zCC55MmQ. ... full review